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July 25, 2009

Garmin foretex 101 GPS Treasure we found...

Holly Be-Goosey…. Soon Jorge will be starting his new job and he’ll be wearing a uniform that will stir me crazy. Well because we don’t get access to Internet signal I won’t be able to blog as much (even more so after this Thursday till Oct 15 unless we head down the mountain which I don’t think we’ll be able to) so I’ll have to compile all of adventures to a single post.

It’s been wonderful here in June Lake. The weather has been beautiful in the 80’s and no rain since we’ve been here. Jorge and I walk all the time, which is great for me on the account I still need to loose some weight. And our walks are not simple walks but hikes in which we do 6-8 miles each time and in the area we are in it’s a lot of hills.

Just the other day when we headed into June Lake town we seen a coyote cross the road not even 300 yards from where we where and that was a sight. And of course the very day I forgot to take my camera. Needless to say we bought that day new walking sticks in case we need to vend off some of God’s creature that may want to eat us.

And then today we decided to hike and headed to town to use the Internet and then took a complete different route home but decided to check out a road we’ve never walked on. And by doing this we found a great treasure – a GPS and a Garmin at it worth about $200-300 and after Jorge research the database on it he was able to tell it was only used twice. Holly heck we are so jazzed and it was an item on our wish list and it’s in NEW condition too with out any scratches or any form of damage. Jorge hasn’t stopped playing with it. The funny part to this story is that we where talking about asking God to help us find a bag of money – something we always joke about and not even 2 minutes later we find the GPS. Boy you should be careful for what you ask for lol.

Well today’s date is July 21, 2009 already and soon we’ll be heading into Bishop to load on some items we are not going to be able to live with out. Like a heater and propane bottles and stuff like that will help us survive better in the woods. Oh and my new hobby is buying stickers to put on the RV. Which is covering the damage and scratches from the last owners. So far 3 of stickers from towns we visited.

So ok I’ve put on Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line in which just started so I need to stop so that I can concentrate on drooling of Mr. Phoenix a very good looking actor. Shhhhh don’t tell Jorge lol….


  1. Sounds like this new place is suiting you perfectly. I shall miss your regular updates but it sounds like you will be far too busy having fun.

  2. We stayed at the campgrounds where Jorge and Evie Lynn are now managers. (I'm not saying the name becuase it's already too popular!) We loved meeting Jorge & Evie Lynn - they were great managers, very hospitable, and hopefully we weren't too much trouble for them with our noisy pomeranians! I think they're having fun there and rumor has it that they will have internet soon so we can read updates!

    Anne & Brent aka Pommie People

  3. It sounds amazing there and really busy have been reading your blog since i got it off my mum jill so i was just letting you know we are all thinking of you luv Ruth


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