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July 10, 2009

Honey Lake R.V. Park and our start to a FUN Adventure!!

July 10, 2009 Friday

So it's 5am and the alarm goes off. I'm the one who gets up and is ready on a drop of a dime. However it's 6:30am when we exit our 1st workamping job. And it was not a good experience. It's just not worth going into that again and re-live the nightmares.

It's a beautiful day it's turning out to be. We are both in great moods - however I look at my husband and noticed he has very swollen bags under his eyes - always a sign of stress. That makes me mad yet again to our past working experience. Then Jorge pats me and lets me know it's going to be OK.

And all of our troubles go away the minute we step into Susanville, CA and eat at a cafe called Watson's Cafe owned by Kimberly Guimond. And holly heck it was good. I of course had the Spinach Mushroom Omelet and Jorge had the Country Style Breakfast. A cute little place with pricey food but GREAT service. After breakfast we walk into Wal-Mart that was just across the street and to both our surprise we do not make a purchase (knowing that tomorrow we'll be doing our giant shopping trip in Carson, NV).

And then back on the road again but not to far. We couldn't find the boondocking spot I had researched on-line so we decided to find the 1st campground and park for the night. It's only noon and we had decided while we were driving that we were never going to rush to a location again and enjoy ourselves for a change.

Honey Lake Campground located in Milford, Ca is the lucky campground we find to stay at. ummmm it's a little different here but hey - we get to sleep in our home so why not give it a chance. It was $17.50 for full hook-up not to bad at all and Internet access was only $3.00 for a 24 hour service.

Now the history of the lake is kind of strange but true.... It's 100% dried up. But not always so. In 1850 Peter Lassen and his expedition party discovered the lake hence giving it the name of Honey Lake for a sweet substance they found on the shrubbery. I guess in 1859 it went dry. In 1859-1860 the lake filled once again. And then it had gone dry again in 1865, 1887, 1889, 1903, 1919-1937, 1943-1947, 1961, 1976, 1979, and 1981 and 1990. The last record of the Lake drying 1992 and re-filling in 1993. As strange as it is to hear of the lakes drying spell it also did battle a flood 1867-1868 and from what I understand 2 of the 5 drowning in this part of the state was at Lake Honey. It was a popular place at one time to ice skate but because of the air pockets in the lake it was dangerous. They tried and tried with no success to stock the lake with fish and failed miserable. And there you go the history of the Lake.

We did have dinner at the restaurant and they are best well know for their Monster Burger and have a wall full of pictures with times it took too eat of men and one female (2 lb burger GROSS). I had a normal size burger and Jorge had a normal size burger a appetiser that was huge and a piece of lime pie (my piggy he is and still skinny). And oh my a walk was in need - so we head down to where a lonely horse lives and Jorge gleam is arises. We also came across a mini farm of goats and got to talk to the owner of what I counted was 25 or so goats and 1 sheep by the name of curly. It was her dream to have her own farm and working at the campground bar has helped her to buy them. Real nice people. And then off to do laundry and then call it quits for the night. So we pop a movie in and Jorge is asleep within 10 minutes.

So it was a successful day for us today and the start of great things. I don't think it's always going to be this nice but it could not be as bad as before. I took pictures and we hope that you enjoy them!!

The campground is owned and operated by Ted & Sandra Wylie. Their son handle the store part and entertains it's guest with his singing and guitar playing while Mum is the cook. A very interesting place and super quiet. This concludes our 1st day and we have 20 days left till Jorge starts his job! Most excited....

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  1. Hi Evie & Jorge

    Have a safe and happy journey

    Love Jill & Harry


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