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June 6, 2010

Yesterdays Clean-up Day! What a blast

I wish I hadn't forgotten my darn camera yesterday because a picture says a thousand words.

Team A
all of them are CLM employees
and then there was little ole me (who does not work for CLM but a major fan of them and a supporting wife Jorge).
Well we worked wonderful as a team because we collected 26 bags in less then 3 hours and poured our hearts into this wonderful cause.

Team B
They also work for CLM but worked by themselves in a different cleaning zone from us. They did wonderful as well 10 bags

Which gave CLM a total of 36 bags. Can you imagine? How wonderful! How not shocking but so rewarding.

And also the Interpretive Program leader for the CLM programs collected 2 bags of trash - What a super gal she is. Love her so much (sorry can't write her name on here I haven't gotten her permission as of yet - but she rocks).

Afterwards there was a town picnic for all the volunteer workers and there where a lot of them. They had wonderful food from Giovanni's - Mammoth Brewery and Angels. From Pizza to Polish Hot dogs (yummmm) and Root beer along with tons of bakery items. What a tum fest. Thank you so much Mammoth Lakes for the great entertainment and the super prizes for the raffle in which my very own husband par-took a win from.

It was pride that CLM took in this year cleaning all due to the wonderful new management team we have this year. Wayne and Kathy gave each member of the CLM staff a confidence and support and true leadership. We thank them for the wonderful changes and for the great summer each host will have. You so Rock and well so does Spanky.

I am also personally grateful for the op to help take part in the wonderful charity of giving back to good ole Mammoth Lakes. I've meet so many wonderful business owners who think I'm just a hoot and that says it all. But truly thank you for supporting our stay and making the time to get to know us! I will be posting all the wonderful companies I am referring to on the next blog - because they really deserve a shout out.

I hope that each of us reading this post remembers the importance it is to give back because the reward of accomplishment is so great. And seeing the smiles on the very faces you help out is better then anything I can even think of. God bless!


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