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June 25, 2010

Those Incredible Bears Presented by USFS June 25, 2010

This is by far the best presentation I've ever seen. Before I get into the program I have to give a shout out for some major thank-yous. I'd like to thank Daniel and Erica our 2 most wonderful Forest Service Educator (sorry I'm not sure of their correct title) that did most of the speaking at the interpretive program but also www.bear-with-us.org and it's entire support staff and Inyo Recreation Staff. Talk about being on the same page. These three separate organizations all stepping up to the plate to help educate the public and the importance of what bears are and what they are about. From the age of two and all the way up to who knows what, was all ears and eyes on what they where being told and shown. And last but most important a huge thank-you to the guests who where just so wonderful to all of our speakers and making a special point to pose for my camera. We had a total of 67 people there! It was a great turn out.
I ask that you support any links I've added to this blog article because this program holds dear to my heart.
Is a great place to find out just what Inyo Recreation is about and all and information you need to visit and enjoy the forest.
Now for camping information so that you can come see me and perhaps pose for my camera and end up here is

Now what we learned about bears is that they do come in 4 different colors of the black bear family. Brown-Black-Cinnamon-Blond. The average bear weighs in at 250 and the largest on record of the black bears is 900 lbs and this bear lived in a zoo (see you tax dollars do help animals) - they can live up to 33 years if of course some STUPID idiot doesn't shoot or feed the bear. Remember a fed bear is a dead bear - PERIOD!! And bears can run and faster then us too - 30 mph FOR REAL.... You can get some other facts about bears www.bear-with-us.org and download their Literatures (These files are all in PDF format*).
We also learned what to do when we encounter one. And you fight (in the form of making noise and not running). Again you can download all this information of the bear-with-us-org site.

We also got to see and touch the different types of furs of animals such as bear, rabbit, coyote, cougar and others. We even got to see some skulls - now how cool is that. The children certainly thought so.

I have to cut this short because we all know pictures speak more then words and I am posting more pics then I normally would. Email me if you would like me to email you any pictures. If you missed tonight's presentation you can catch a repeat at the Oh Ridge Amphitheater in June Lake, CA at 8pm - 9pm. I would recommend this to any and all two legged animals - being YOU!!

I have to share one last thing. My most favorite person there besides my husband Jorge who is so lucky to be working for Inyo Recreation - CLM as their Area Site Manager for the Mammoth Lakes and Basin area but this little girl wearing a bear jacket - her name is Jenna and I so fell in love with her. I offered to adopt this child but Mum declined - what a bummer. I dedicate this article to her JENNA!! Our little bear for a night!!


  1. Awww, what a lovely night you all had xx

  2. There was really a nice turnout for the presentation. The little bear girl, Jenna, is adorable.

    I'm really enjoying reading your blog. It has been many. many years since we were in your area.

  3. Wish I was nearby to attend the program. Sounds very interesting.

    Love the pics and the little bear girl. What a doll.

  4. Great turnout - and very important information. Way to go Evie and Jorge!

  5. Wow! Looks like you had a really good turn out this week! Keep up the good work!



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