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June 18, 2010

Campfire Program with Derik Olson

Campfire Songs with Derik Olson 6/18/10

Tonight's program was full of giggles thanks to the San Diego family with the help of the Anderson family. The two families where super great and with a total of 6 kids between them, it really was a total blast. Now you do have to be careful with Zac and Riley who are so not shy in the slightest bit - but with parents like theirs, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone because they themselves are very out going - I see great futures in them. Now the family from San Diego in which I never got their names because they where to busy with all that giggling even with Mum and the dancing and all there just was too much fun to be had so we just had to watch them. The little one in the gray shirt was too funny and Jorge and I have sore ribs just watching him.

Derik Olson sang really cool old campfire songs and really had the audience involved with the singing and dancing - he even told us a cowboy poem. And lets not forget the tomato song (you have to hear for yourself in which you can catch his act in Oh Ridge campground tomorrow in June Lake). He told us funny stories about his encounter with a bear and her two cubs - yeeek scary but funny.

There where crafts and my goodness these kids these days really come up with the most creative art I've ever seen. The boy with the shorts in which we called crazy because brrrrrr it was cold even with the campfire did a wonderful job on his. They all did. What a fun group of kids and I was sad to see them go - I sure hope one day they'll think about the time they had at Shady Rest Amphitheater and think of their time with much happiness - I know I will.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and hope you are able to join us next week June 25Th When "Those Incredible Bears Presented by USFS" - a presentation not to miss. Let me know what you think in the blog comment box.


  1. What a fun time everyone seemed to have. The photos had a lot of happy, smiling faces.

  2. Thanks - You'll have to excuse the look I have on my face with Zac and Riley - it took Jorge forever to take the shot. I just love these programs..... It will get better as the weather gets warmer!!

  3. I love the pictures! Your summer home is just beautiful!

  4. Evielynne, I was one of the campers who stopped by and I can't get over how super great you where to my family. I thought you where in charge because of how wonderful and caring you where to the kids. To think you are a volunteer is beyond words. And your husband I am sorry but forgot his name is just as nice. I can't wait to come back in August to see what your up too. thankyou for doing what you do.


  5. Hi Jorge's Boss...I have been following Jorge and Evie's blog for over a year. They are fantastic people and I love them dearly...like my kids! For some reason, I can't post on their blog (probably my inept ability at a computer!) You have the best in those two!!

    Sue Millar

  6. Hi Jorge and Evie...sure looks like a fun night for everyone. You both look well and very happy. I know you love that area and enjoy being there. Good luck with the job, Jorge. Don't work too hard!!! :) Hope to stop and see you all when we head to Arizona this coming winter. Love, Gwen and Dale

  7. Hey...that worked!!! Hopefully. I love the pictures, and no wonder you are pale Evie...it is cold there and no sunshine to warm you! Jorge looks great as usually and so do you. So glad to see you having a good time and enjoying life. Much better than last year!


  8. Honey you are the best. I wish I was more like you. You keep me together and with your super freak taste for the human compassion it does not come to any surprise why people love you. My wife is a giver and has given so much of herself to everyone involved in my job with the gifts, her help, her time that I stand aside and think "I'm the luckest man alive". And most people haven't a clue that your writing your own book on top of what you do for a living. I'm on my lunch break and had to put my 2 cents in. Oh sorry about the pics but you do look cute - so you.

  9. Its such a long time since I was over here looking at your blog - sorry, illness has kept me away.
    What lovely pictures. Its so great to see all that you have been up to out there.
    It sounds like a lovely time was had by everyone and boy do I wish we were able to visit you xxx

  10. Dennis ZimmermanJune 19, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    The pretty gal we're all talking about is the only one who would speak to me at last weeks program. I was there with my wife and dog. Her and her husband where doing all they could to make sure everyone was having a good time. It seemed to me all the workers really liked her too. Thank you for being a total sweet heart and we'll see you many times this summer.

  11. Hi Evie...great pictures...sure looks like it was a great time.Jill xxx


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