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June 16, 2010

My Knitting Class today.

I am not what you call a super talented crafter and I really do try to learn things for myself - only this time I just knew I needed help. So upon a journey one day in town we found a coffee shop called Java Joint where in the window was a sign about knitting lessons. So I thought hey I really should give this a try and see what happens. After all I've taken 3-4 months to learn how to do the dang Granny Square with about a million seperate times of throwing my hooks at poor Jorge.

So we headed inside and I land a knitting lesson with one Deb Searles. Well this was a week ago and my lesson was today. I was so scared and I tend to put way to much pressure on myself - after all most of my friends are levels I never thought I'd get to in a million years. After a little while Deb figured I was calmed down a bit and a head we went. She taught me the purl - increase - decrease and some other terms that I've already forgotten but can do. She was so patient with me and encouraged me to do my own style of knitting because I have a weird left and right handed cordnation mix up seeing I am both. It really was easy but hands where shaking so bad that I thought I was not doing well when she insisted that I learn fast. God love her.

But the also so exciting part was getting to know her and it turns out she's married to Steve Searles who is the Bear Whisper and he is doing a bit in our interpretive program through my husbands company. He getting ready to do some more filming along with his family. And it's just a hoot to even know this - but it gets better. We meet him today as well. And what a super great guy. Very down to earth just like his wife. Boy when things turn from good to great they really do. It was so much fun talking to them both and by the end of the season we'll be best buds!! I almost asked for his autograph - how funny is that. But I should of you know. I so can't wait for the east coast family and friends to hear who I meet today and what I learned.

I will add pictures of the bear whisper for sure on here. I even have his cell number - how lucky is that. But truth be told his wife is the real hero of this story she took a clumsy girl and made her into a future knitting monster and that to me is worth everything.

Now I'm at the library and I've checked out some books to encourage my new hobby and hope to make some money one day soon with my new talent. It's been a blast people.


  1. Hi Evie, Congratulations on learning to knit... you will soon be a expert....and the lady teaching, you sounds perfect for the job.

    Love Jill xxxx

  2. How lucky to have such a lovely lady teaching you to knit. I can knit only the basic stitch so all my stuff is incredibly boring, I must learn how to do more at some point.


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