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June 13, 2010

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June 11th Pat Hogan came and sang at Shady Rest Amphitheater. And I would like to thank the following people from Inyo Recreation - CLM for showing up and showing their support. I think it makes a huge difference and shows respect for the Mammoth Lakes Campgrounds that we care. Randy, Leila (who took the pictures for me - LOVE YOU DEAR), Karlene (who was really not feeling good and really showed her loyalty - thank you), Joan (who is truly my partner in crime - umph) and Art oh then there is the ever loving Jorge who just got a kick out of it all. So we had to take PAW test and I got a 60% - no surprise there. Art and Joan who are married both got a 43% and they did not cheat (I promise there answers where so different). Leila got a 80% as did Jorge (our local nerds - umph) and I forget what Randy had but it was worse then mine. We had two sets of campers come down and enjoyed the campfire as well as the entertainment as we all did. I had so much fun - oh course you have to watch out for Leila because she likes to change the lyrics (which is where most of the laughter came in). For those employees who didn't show up - I sure hope you make the next one - it's just so much fun. And if your in the area you must come - it's truly a blast. Enjoy the pics - sorry the batteries where dead so some of pics did not come out so well but promise the next set will be better!! All my fault!!

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  1. Yes that's me in the blue stripe hat being goofy - I just can't help it!! Please let me know what you think of this blog piece. PLEASE


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