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June 24, 2010

Potty Cones

So most of you know that Jorge and I do not have children of our own because Freak of Nature decided I couldn't have one. A long and sad story that I wish not to display for the world to read. But trust me it's sad. But I do however love children which gives me the title of being the best Auntie in the world - after all I have two nieces named after me! What an honor.
So moving on....
Yesterday was my friend Chrissy's Birthday and I have to say to the world "Happy Birthday".... What's great and brave about Chrissy is that she is "A" a wonderful Mum and "B" has four children (the brave part). And so with being a Mum you become very inventive. And oh is she. I was on her eBay site (I buy my fabrics from her - she gives the best price and ships super fast and that to me is a winner.
So anyways she sells these Potty Cones and I was like Chrissy what is a potty cone? And she explained that its a cloth cone that you place on the little boys pee pee while you are changing his diaper so that this cute bundle of joy does not share his pee in your mouth and I shouted SOLD. What a great idea and she does super well with making and selling this wonderful smart Potty Cones. And she has an etsy store in which she does very well with (better then mine -:)
The reason I yelled SOLD is because you don't have to be a Mum to buy or use them. I'm always watching children and thought Heck - I should carry them in my purse for a "JUST IN CASE" situation. I think she sells them very cheap but she always thinking of other parents like herself and trying to save them money.
She does make them for baby cake makers, and daycare, and hospitals, and private organizations.
You so got to check her stores out because not only are there Potty Cones but tons of other baby item she makes - after all we all know someone this month who just had a baby. So you be helping two wonderful women out. The Mum of the new baby and my friend Chrissy who is a full time Mum to her four wonderful kids.
You can contact her through her etsy or eBay store and she's always checking her store - she stays on top of it which is what makes her an excellent seller.
Tell her I said hi and that I want a picture of her little one carrying the famous Frog Pillow I made him - WOW a year ago - lol..... My goodness, it's going to be time to make him another theme soon. I've added a picture so you can see what a potty cone is and she makes them in any theme you want.

This is also her Private Web Page Store for more direct service! This is where I go!!


  1. I have never heard of a Potty Cone...what a unique idea. My "little boy" will soon be 46 so don't think I will need one...lol...

  2. Give him another 10 year that may change - lol.... Chrissy will love you have read this - thanks Sharen YOU ARE THE BEST!!

  3. What a fabulous idea, I SO could have used one of those for when Seb was a baby. He liked to pee EVERYWHERE!!! lol.


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