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May 23, 2011


Hey folks. So sorry we have no inet and won't for a good week or two. We have to pay a big lump of money to have our service re-activated. So we'll have to hold off for a bit. The new company we are working for - we haven't started yet and they only pay once a month so we need to keep our cash flow as is till pay day (I love the once a month payment - save us from spending money - bingo).... Life is great up here in Rathdrum. We have our first company meeting on Wednesday and we'll get to meet the entire gang. So far we love everyone we've meet. And by golly the company has a super super super management staff. Drama? Heck NO...
Our location is up in the mountain and we have lots of wild life there - so far we've seen frogs, turkeys. moose, bear (they are super super tiny compared to Mammoth Lakes, bears but these are super wild and so no more fears), quails.

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  1. I may be prejudice, but...there's no place like the Northwest. Beautiful summer home you have.

  2. Glad you love your new company. Love all the wildlife photos. What a lovely spot to spend the summer.

  3. I am so glad you are doing well. the frog you had Avery would love we never have them here he found one last year and had to go peak at it everyday talk to you soon


  4. Missed this post the other day! Looks beautiful at your new home! Looking forward to reading your daily posts when you are back online!

    Enjoy May everyday!


  5. I cannot hardly wait to get to Idaho. I have wanted to see it forever. Thank you.


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