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May 7, 2011

Mammoth Lakes Heaven and Earth Energy Jewelry

The best thing about Mammoth Lakes is the people there! I am all the way in Oregon and they still keep in touch with us and I love them and miss them so much.

So in honor of our friend Robin who so rocks - I want to share with my RV friends her store info... And yes we can still be glammor while in the middle of the woods!!

Robin Stater’s Heaven and Earth energy jewelry is the latest creative adventure in a life long personal expression of creativity.
Starting with her grandmother Louise’s example, Robin started creating works of art as early as four years old. In her teen and adult life, Robin has been drawn to the intuitive approach to mystical studies. She also has a magical connection to nature and has lived in the Sierra Nevada mountain range her entire adult life. You can read the rest of her wonderful story right on her web page

And so as I was shopping her web store - I picked out my favorite item of hers and by the way is the in color for this year....
7.5" bracelet.
Bracelet with Jade, freshwater pearls, moon stone, quartz crystals tumbled and faceted, sterling silver clasp and spacers. Heart Chakra, woman's balance and harmony

And GET THIS she is "Sierra Design Studio offers a wide variety of services to meet all of your interior decorating, renovating and real estate needs".

and if you know Mammoth Lakes you know this is a huge big deal!!
I so love Lily and Sophie they are so cute...
So stop by and check out both of her sites and if your in the area - you know you have a friend already there just waiting for you... Mammoth Lakes is one of the best places to visit - although my husband worked there last summer there - I've been there a million times over on their slopes.. Bike trails... and all the hikes since 1990... And shhhhh don't tell Jorge their fire guys are so cute!! They have a FACEBOOK fan Page so go there and click like and tell them Evielynne sent you there: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heaven-and-Earth-Energy-Jewelry/185193238174961



  1. Mammoth Lakes is also one of my very favorite places, although I only went there in the winter for snow skiing. I usually went there 2-4 times a year for over 10 years. Loved the slopes. One of the best areas in the country for downhill skiing, good food and wonderful people. My friends still go there and they said this was one of the best winters ever. Oh well, I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for nothing.

  2. Thanks for blogging me! that is really nice! I hope some of your friends stop by and visit this year...happy travels!


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