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May 2, 2011

RV first Day Memories


As I am typing this I noticed that we have 7,932 blog views - hey that's not bad. I have also noticed too a growing number of RV folks stopping by to say hi or to give us some GREAT tips and we are so blessed by this. We when bought Mr Crafty (the ladies from campground_crafters named our rig) it was back in Florida and we thought by now we'd update to newer version of our dream. But nope we still have Mr. Crafty and he sure ain't pretty to look at but sure has been good to us over the last two years.
The very first guest we had in Mr. Crafty was Sue and Bob when we where back in Miami. And Sue and Bob are on the road making their way to Idaho to work for the same company as us. Now how cool is that?

Flash Back to our very first day leaving Florida, when our rig broke down - and boy did I ever cry - the tow guy told my husband that I was the funniest gal he ever meet. I kid you not.... I am crying and screaming at poor Jorge stating "I don't want to go back to Miami" - Thank gosh all it was was the belts. Fixed for extra money and back on the road again and haven't looked back. Miami is pretty but it's just not for me. I didn't fit it at all. And what was awesome is that Jorge said it changed so much that after being far away he too had a dream to be anywhere but there. Although we have family there and it would be the only reason we would ever go back and that's JUST to VIST...
I can laugh now and have nothing but good memories of that first leg of our trip. Oh gosh just days later we where stuck in the middle of flipping blizzard in South Dakota - I gave a whole new meaning to dressing in funk just to stay warm.

Oh the memories and now we are making more wonderful memories all because of our RV friends we call Family... Thank you for all the kindness and the time you take just to see what we are up too...

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What was your first day of RV life like?
Would love to hear...


  1. I just made history by being your 8,000 blog view. I can't even imagine breaking down on my first day. Well you guys survived that OK.
    It is so wonderful meeting so many people on the road and also meeting people through your blog. I knew I was going to love the traveling, but meeting people is sure the frosting on the cake.

  2. Hey Evie & Jorge - We had a similar experience. The day we left Terrace in our rig, to start our big adventure, not one hour out of town I lost a filling. Then, we parked in a gorgeous provincial park, and went for a walk in the forest. We were the only people there (and there was no cell service) - and when we got back to the motorhome, we discovered that we had locked our keys inside. As I sat crying at the picnic table, in the rain that had just started, Gerald took his glasses apart and used the arm, and his Leatherman to pick the lock. Then, when we got inside, we found that the fridge had quit working. Luckily, he is a refrigeration tech, and it wasn't long before that was fixed. We've had a few other "adventures" in our 18,000 miles, but I didn't get stressed out after the first episode of getting locked out ;-)


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