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May 12, 2011

Just 4 more Night

Last night we spent some time over at the bosses rig which is always entertaining because of their beautiful singing dog. Half the party was leaving town and we won't get to see her again until Oct. This is one of the times that your excited about hitting a new adventure and I am - it's just that I am going to miss these wonderful couple.

I am excited because we have some sneaky projects we are working on and will have completed before we get back and that will be a lot of sneaky fun... I can't share because they read our blog - one of best loyal readers... Thank you for that!!

But yes we only have 4 nights left in Rufus before heading to Idaho and I'm always a little nervous meeting the new boss and their crew - our rig isn't the prettiest and far from fancy. I know Sue, I am getting that out of my head... I guess I am just ready to upgrade - we need the room!!

I am most excited about getting back on my bike and getting back into our biking for charity. What we do is either, knit, crochet or loom (my husband will loom)  items and since we've improved in different area this year we'll add bibs, diaper covers and bears to the must make and get donated by bike. We will log our miles all this summer and I will up-date the size bar getting you all informed. We hope to collect a little in donation for a coffee treat while we are on our bikes...

Also if anyone is interested in donating yarns (last year we got 3 boxes donated) they can mail them to this address:

Jorge/Evielynne Sanchez
P O Box 1162
Spirit Lake ID 83869

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see the new things you come up with love your blog



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