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May 9, 2011

My RV made Bear

The days are just flying by - We have 1 week left till we start heading off to "OUR" summer work. This summer will be different from what Jorge was doing last summer. I will get more into that when we start. We have had the best time in the last two months and we expect the fun to continue the entire summer. We are excited to be biking for charity again soon too. We can't do that here in Rufus because well they are pretty far from the hospital - but this summer we'll be no more then 10 miles one way from the hospital where we can drop off our handmade items. This year we'll be doing bears and hats... So not much to report but I will include my very first bear in which I did wrong but not to worry lol the new ones look nothing like this... We live and learn!!

Super lady - she does wonderful blog but needs more support!! Here a plus she is a major major major horse lover... Blogs about trail rides and her gardens - very amazing smart lady!! I just adore and she is my friend!! Stop by and leave a comment on her blog telling her Evielynne sent ya and send her love... PLZ!!

Is there a blog out there you think
I should be following?
Do tell - would love to hear!! Leave the blog link if you wish...



  1. The final countdown...how far of a drive to your 'summer home'?

  2. I am really looking forward to hearing all about your summer work coming up. I am sure you guys will have a blast!!!


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