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April 2, 2009

I had forgotten to add this picture to our 1st day travel.....

Ok, so I’m thinking its Thursday. I may be on the right day or I could be off or on a day. I can tell you this. We are in Iowa and we just passed where John Wayne was born and the Bridges of Madison County. We where suppose to get off the exit. But Jorge thought it was the following exit and so we kept on. We are in Madison County and boy it’s bare as can be. Could you imagine what it must have been like when the Duke was a child? Everything is brown and dull but still has certain prettiness to the area. We have been at the wheel since about 7:30am this morning and just starting to get tired. We did see some snow flurries but other then that the weather has been steady. The temps are about 35 degrees and so that means long pants and shirt followed by a sweater and well should have been a snow suite – lol. I don’t think we’ll make South Dakota today but should be there by mid morning tomorrow.
June Bug our cat and Kricket Bee are doing well. June Bug still hides in the cat box when the RV is on and moving. Kricket Bee sleeps a lot during the trip and is comfy in her kennel. But when the day is done it pretty much means it begins for her. Wow at 7pm she is all about playing not sleeping.
Well I’m going to close now, and maybe pop back on later to give you an update.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Evie!! Our first day on the road, we locked ourselves out of the RV and our fridge quit. Luckily, Gerald is very, very handy ... and the stories just add to the adventure.
    I'm sure looking forward to following along with you on your blog!


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