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April 7, 2009

Ok, so I’m thinking its Thursday. I may be on the right day or I could be off or on a day. I can tell you this. We are in Iowa and we just passed where John Wayne was born and the Bridges of Madison County. We where suppose to get off the exit. But Jorge thought it was the following exit and so we kept on. We are in Madison County and boy it’s bare as can be. Could you imagine what it must have been like when the Duke was a child? Everything is brown and dull but still has a certain prettiness to the area. We have been at the wheel since about 7:30am this morning and just starting to get tired. We did see some snow flurries but other then that the weather has been steady. The temps are about 35 degrees and so that means long pants and shirt followed by a sweater and well should have been a snow suite – lol. I don’t think we’ll make South Dakota today but should be there by mid morning tomorrow.
June Bug and Kricket Bee are doing well. June Bug still hides in the cat box when the RV is on and moving. Kricket Bee sleeps a lot during the trip and is comfy in her kennel. But when the day is done it pretty much means it begins for her. Wow at 7pm she is all about playing not sleeping.
Well I’m going to close now, and maybe pop back on later to give you an update.

It’s Friday April 3, 2009. And we are in Sioux City and it’s a bit cold. Last night was very cold in the 30’s.
So we trucked up to Madison to get our mail and picked up the applications for the South Dakota drivers license and drove around the little town that is now our home residence mailing address. It was very cute and very small. So we are now on our way back to Sioux Falls to the DMV. When we pulled up, I had to chuckle. There were only about 4 people there. Now in Miami when we went there, there were over 300 people.

Now we are looking for a campsite to hang at because we just found out there is too be a spring blizzard and up to 12 inches. And to no avail we do not find one and the ones that we did are still closed for the season. So we ended up parking at the Mitchell town Wal-Mart. We went inside to buy a space heater and we had to laugh and almost cry at the same time because they had all the space heater put away for the season and had their air conditioners out on display. So now what do we do? We ended up buying a super king size blanket and said our silent prayers and hoped to make it thru the night.

Well morning is here and it’s now Saturday. We made it thru the night with no problems except for when we had to go potty – and women we can stand and pee, and I recommend it highly on freezing nights. It had rained and snowed so the weather was not too bad but we expect the worst tonight. So we have decided to stay another night in the Wal-Mart parking lot. And it was a good thing we did because boy did it ever snow. And it is so cold out. I decided to do something about it and pulled out the rum and vodka out. And hey it didn’t work but it sure made the situation more fun. So we danced like monkeys and bounced around and did what we could to keep warm – thank gosh bedtime came and we could get under all those blankets and keep warm. Enjoy the picture everyone – and boy am I ugly when I am cold lol. June Bug loves the fact he gets to sleep under the blankets with us and he did his part by warming the bed prior to us getting in. Kricket Bee loved her kennel with all the blankets and we had a warm hot water bottle for her and she did very well. However she did not like to out side for her potty walks and Jorge did not enjoy taking her out as well.

It’s now Sunday and the snow has stopped and the roads are awful. We went to Cabela’s to walk around for a good hour giving some time to the plows to go thru yet again on the roads. We decided to go site see. And we went to go see the World’s Only Corn Palace. Weird but it was cool to see. Really the inside building was just pictures of the entire years prior corn palace decorations and a really huge auditorium. It was too cold to walk around the entire outside building to see the neat way they decorate their building using cornhusks.
Now we are back on the highway and the roads are bad. So we are heading to the nearest rest station to wait out some more so that we can get back to the road. We did see a car go off the road due to him being STUPID for speeding in this stuff.
I am on the Internet looking for an emergency campsite to park ourselves for the night. The roads are very bad. We’ve now seen about 3 semi’s either belly up or on it’s side. We found a campsite called The Happy Campers. And the price is $22.50 for full hookups. So we pull in and we find out it’s an honor system, which is not a problem. The problem we do encounter however is we’re stuck in the snow. So we have to unhitch the rodeo and drive each car out and as we are driving out after re-hitching the car the owner comes in with his fancy tractor and lets us know he will plow the area for us so we can stay. What a sweet heart. He thought we were nuts to be in South Dakota – nahhhh we tell him, it’s part of our adventure. So we are now comfy (we ran to the local do dad store to buy a space heater) and warm and get a very much-needed sleep.

Monday April 6, 2009

We wake up at about 7am and decided to hang around till noon. So I send Jorge out to get our much needed and deserved coffee and the paper. I must have the paper I demand!! I need to know what is going to be with the weather. And it turns out in the next couple of days we will be out of the woods as far as the cold is concerned. YIPEEEE. Then I am saddened to find out UCONN men did not win but that Michigan State won (congrats to a game well played – but my UCONN women better pull it off).

We are on the road and the roads look great. We just passed the Missouri River (here’s a picture).
We are stopping at the Wall Drug. Holly heck. How neat. We could only stay an hour but we did get to see 70% of the pictures hanging in their dinning room walls. They had an outside exhibits but it was closed off due to the snow. I bought a post card and was getting ready to buy a sweatshirt but they scooted us out because the shops where closing – bummer. For sure if we pass by here again we’ll come earlier so that we can spend more in the shops. The history of how this little shop came about is sweet and a lesson on how a simple idea can be turned into a gold mine. Now we are back on the road. Heading for Rapid City to stay overnight. The view is just breath taking. I think it’s the Badlands. It beautiful hills with a slight powdered snow all over. Let me see if I can get a picture.


  1. Great writing Evie ... can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Evie, you sound just like I did when going through SD last year! It is such a beautiful state, enjoy yourselves.


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