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April 20, 2009

We are here in Mount Shasta!!

OK, OK…. I know it’s April 20, 2009 and I’m over a week late on putting anything in my blog. So much to tell, but so little time to tell it.

So we see Mount Shasta and think, “oh my, how are we going to work under such conditions – lol with all that snow on the mountain”? Now we enter the park and this pretty little red head that goes by the name Sharon meets and greets us – however in a hurry because there are cars behind us. So Rodney leads us to our new home for the next 5-6 months. And we where expecting a bit of a dump because hey lets face it, employers do not treat their employees nice in the real wood – it’s about the flipping dollar and how fast you can make it. Not Lake Siskiyou Camp-Resort they gave us a spot that wowed us. OK and ladies you know how nervous I get meeting people so I’m going nuts in my own shell and worried about the crew liking me. Jorge as always does a great job calming me down and it works for just a little while. Then Gary the husband of Sharon and who is in charge of fishing area of the resort comes down. He’s funny and there is something about him that reminds me of Sue’s husband Bob. Can’t put my finger on it but I am most grateful. A little while late Sharon comes down and you can’t help but like her. DOWN TO EARTH! Really no line. So it’s about 6-7pm and Sharon says “hey lets go for a ride and I’ll show you the area” and the cool part about this is that there where about 6 deer and Sharon says “You can hand feed the deer” yeah right I’m thinking. But holly heck it’s so true.
So they leave us to set up and get a grip on our baring and sure enough the deer come floating by and we feed them. I so am thinking of my Dad while doing this because he had his own pet deer when he was a child. I’m flashing pictures like crazy and even manage to get a video. So we are tired and head to bed.
So for the next week we get the chance to check out the town and OH MY. What unique people, that lives here. For Jorge is a walk back to the 60’s and for me it was “did I really just see that?”
I need to point out some really great companies. All of you know I’m a HUGE customer service person and I watch for good manners. So here are a couple that really and I mean really stuck out like a sore thumb and wish they ran all the business here in town. Because there is a clique among the locals and weren’t so nice to the visitor of their awesome town. http://www.sewuniquequiltshop.com/ they where pretty full with customers when we came in – but that didn’t matter because we where greeted by the workers and even the shoppers. Well, they assumed that I was the quilter and did a double take when I announced that indeed it’s my husband who is the quilter. This shop was so clean and it smelled great (lol you all know I’m an OCD victim). We will be taking classes there for sure. So be sure to check their store on-line when you can. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Now for the complete 5 stars has to go to http://www.thecoffeeconnection.org/ they are a restaurant – ok I know your thinking so what. But what makes these people different is that they give back. This is their story:

Ten years ago a few very special people felt moved by the Lord to pray over Mt. Shasta for guidance about a new ministry.
They shared a lot of very special time in prayer.
What developed was the overwhelming need and support of a Christian Ministry in downtown Mt. Shasta.
The Coffee Connection was created.
Opening its doors on New Years Eve of 1996, it has been a place for all to gather, share and worship the Lord through music and fellowship. People came forward, volunteered their time, expertise and energy.
We have been going and growing strong ever since!

We still depend on the wonderful board of directors for guidance and on the wonderful staff of volunteers to man us during our hours of operation. We are also supported by our local churches, monthly donors and wonderful musicians that share live music with us.

We all hope that you enjoy your visit with us and are as touched by the Lord as we are.

They give free jackets away at their front door entrance. Their location is set up with an atmosphere that is so peaceful. And the service is the best I’ve ever encountered. So this is why I give them my personal 5 stars.

There are a lot of cute shops and we made a point to visit them. There is a thrift store (I’m sorry I can’t remember the name) where this gal Noel works at. I liked her she is what most of the young people are like in this Mount Shasta.

There are many storied that belong to Mount Shasta that have everything to do with peace, love, UFO’s, Big Foot, Fairies, and other such things that I’m not sure I believe in but take it as a lot of fun learning about.

This is where I work so check out the site and let me know what you think. http://www.reynoldsresorts.com/ and http://www.lakesis.com/

I haven’t started work and I’m nuts about getting started. I want to give them my best and look forward to the many memories I will walk away with. God Speed!!

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  1. Jorge and Evie - I knew you would love it in Mt. Shasta. Dale and I are so excited for your adventure into Rving and work camping. Have a wonderful summer!


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