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April 8, 2009

We spent a night at Flying J’s and we are parked in front of their automated sign that tells you the temp – it got as low as 29 so that wasn’t too bad. My cat June Bug was so funny – he wouldn’t leave my side under the blankets. We had originally put him in the kennel with Kricket Bee but the dog decided to beat up on my poor baby and I wasn’t having it. I woke to Jorge who had already started Mr. Crafty to get him warmed up for me and was dressed to head out to get my coffee – now how awesome is he? He then told me the temp was 39 and I was happy because I knew it was going to get warmer out today and that is sweet music to my ears.
It’s 9am and we are heading to Wyoming. We are going a different route. We are taking Hwy 90 to 25 to Rawlins. Not sure why but it’s the route my dear hubby has chosen. We are seeing trees and it’s beautifully covered with white snow. And as we head by we can see the tracks from the animals and my husband is gleaming to see more dear. I say bring on the elk.
It’s almost to the end of our day trip and we are almost in Casper, WY. I just emailed our manager boss Yvette (beautiful name) to see if it would be OK to pop in Mount Shasta early since the trip is going faster then we planned. And what a darling she is. So we expect to be there sometime next week and we’ll be able to set up and then pock all around and site see and get Jorge to fish. He is in his glories about this. Me I’m more excited about getting to read the box of books we are carting in our rodeo that is weighing it down pretty bad. I can’t help it – I love books. I just seen the sign and it says 47 more miles to Casper and then it’s shower, laundry and dinnertime and then a good newspaper and a quick movie and off to la-la la-la la-la land we go – lol. I’m almost finished with my gifts that I made for Yvette and Michele who we will be working for. I sure hope they like it.
So far we’ve must of seen at least 300-400 deer and I am not kidding. It’s crazy. We have also seen a lot of antelope as well. Again I say bring on the elk. This day has gone by in a flash and our guess is it’s because the weather is nice. No sweater required today at all – which is a far cry from this morning, let me tell you. No whining from us what so ever. So I think this will close out the day and hope to report a more adventurous report tomorrow (that is, all good things). I want to thank Sharon & Janice for commenting on our happy adventure and following our blog. I couldn’t of done it without Janice encouraging me to do so. It will be so much fun a year from now to re-read my life.
Not much to report today. We are now in Rawlins, WY. This morning in Casper we got all 16 of my eBay orders packed and ready to ship. We head for the post office and then on our way to Rawlins. I did take a few pictures. We finally are here and the laundry is done and we are wiped out. Jorge is watching Wesley Snipes movie Passenger 57 (I’ve seen it before). I think it’s going to be early to bed so we can early to rise.


  1. You are so right Evie! Gerald and I love to look back at our blog to see what we were doing at this time last year ... etc.
    So glad you two (four) are having such a wonderful adventure!

  2. Evie, so happy you and Jorge are doing so great and enjoying your adventures! Have a Happy Easter!


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