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April 11, 2009

Utah Adventure

Friday, April 10, 2009

We are in one of the most beautiful states there is: UTAH. It’s where I meet my wonderful husband, Jorge. But that is not why this state is so beautiful. The mountain is where our hearts are. As you can see from the pictures it’s beyond breath taking. I’m looking for elk and have been for over an hour. Normally they come out at dusk so it could be a while before I get my chance.
We are taking a different route thru Utah so that we can see our ole stomping ground. Jorge worked for a cleaning company as a part time job (and he also held down a full time job at a car dealer – like me he was a workaholic) and I owned a cleaning service – and his boss hired my company as a sub contractor and I was to over see all of his accounts and his employee’s which in turn made me Jorge’s boss. Ahhhh those where the days lol – don’t get me wrong I am still his boss.
We are in Heber City right now – so I need to put my blog to rest so I can enjoy the view. Enjoy the pictures.

You know as you can see from the pictures the weather was getting bad – however we found it to be more beautiful that way. We got to see Bridal Falls, which is a land mark/site spot. The road was a downhill 7% grade so we where a bit on nerve to hurry down but at a very slow pace. Most of the pictures is from the Provo Canyons, one our most favorite drives. It was strange to see the new road finally done. A lot of new houses went up and the new and improved RV parks that wake up to the million dollar view for just $65 a night. And we passed where Lindsey Lohen went to rehab at the Sundance Rehab center (in which my company was used to clean at one time)

Now we are in Provo and now my tummy is getting excited for Beto’s my favorite fast food. Well, in the year and half we where gone they re-named the store to Mi Ranchito’s but the food was still the same – and I am most grateful. So I ordered the queso & the super nachos and OMG I don’t care about the calories. It was so good.

We are staying the night in Tooele, my ole town that I lived in while I lived in Utah. We don’t like to drive at night ONLY because of the fear of the RV breaking down so we are rushing to get to Flying J’s, which is over packed, with trailers. I’m looking at a lot of cowboys and cowgirls for there must have been a local rodeo going for they are still wearing their tags. I’m proud to say that I can Barrel Race and I’m good at it. I grew up on a small farm and had my own horses – my best friend was Sandy my BEAUTIFUL Palomino. I can side saddle too!! Can’t wait to see Jorge on a horse.

April 11, 2009

We are now in Nevada and I’ve made a new file for the pictures to be place. I really can’t tell you much about the picture that looks like tennis balls on a stick/pole other then a local artist did years ago – what a strange man.

Tonight we will look for an RV park to sleep at for Nevada has laws about overnight and so we will play it safe for the next 2 days. I can see the Wendover Casinos and I’m itching to lose $20.00 – yes I know I’m a coward. I just hate to lose wasted money that we worked so hard for. Let you know how it goes.

Well we lost $13.00 and only played $13.00. Now we are looking for an RV spot for the night. And we find one in Wells, NV. The price was $37 but we got it for $25.00. Really super cool people. The cutest old couple and I told them they where too clean. I could not find one speck of dirt at all in the rec room, shower room and etc…. I’m making them a gift of washcloth as my way of saying how great they are. The husband even took us into his office to watch a video on YouTube about the town a year ago had a 6. Something earthquake and it ruined ½ the business there in town. I’ll tell you more tomorrow! I’m so tired. I have a new watcher on my blog – the oh so WONDERFUL Dinah…. I’ve got to something about her real quick. Now you ask a favor of this wonderful person and she jumps on it. It was wonderful that she was one of the gals to check on Jorge and I and make sure we where ok during the crazy storms we where stuck in. So thank you Dinah with all of our heart....

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  1. You are not kidding !!!!!really breathtaking scenery.Glad all is going well.Take care


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