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April 28, 2009

My thanks to Linda and Ray......

April 28, 2009

So it’s cold and raining a bit, but I still wouldn’t trade this for Florida weather. Today is the day we where to meet our boss and area manager. But they had over 6 hours to drive and I can only imagine how tired they must be. So tomorrow! And then I hope to start work real soon.
Now in Miami I belong to a miamifreecycle.com and so I thought I’d join the sikiyoufreecycle.com and you have to post something before you can make an offer to take something, which worked out great. Because I have my African Candle Sticks I’ve had since about 1993 and living in an RV was not a thing for them for they are heavy and breakable. So I posted and WALLA I got a hit (in fact about 7 emails all together of people wanting them). Well, we where to meet them at the front gate for 4:30pm. Linda & Ray are the coolest people. They stayed for about an hour and chatted with us. She even brought me a book about Black Butte (Black Butte is a cluster of overlapping dacite lava domes, a parasitic satellite cone of Mount Shasta. It is located directly adjacent of Interstate 5 at milepost 742 between the city of Mount Shasta and Weed, California). They told us a lot of neat things about Mount Shasta and the surrounding towns. Now Linda is 4th generation to this area. So she knows her history. It was also neat to hear Ray’s families are Yankee’s and come from the Hartford, CT area and his family is of Poland background (I wonder if he’s a good cook – I love, love, love polish food – a major yummy in my book). They are Rvers too and traveled a lot and it was music to my hears when they discussed there dislike for Miami, Florida – so it’s just not me. They gave us some real great pointers on RV shopping and mechanics (like when your water stops working and before calling a mechanic to clean out the hose first because spiders get in there and build webs). We sure hope to bump into them many times over because they are good people.
So right now we are kind of stuck in doors for the rest of the day and Jorge is watching Cinderella Man – a wonderful movie. I’m taking a break from my Granny Square washcloths – lol yes, I’m the new Granny Square queen as some of my friends on campground_crafters would say. I just love doing them – I figured it took me almost 3 months to learn how to do the darn thing that I’m going to do Granny Squares until I’m blue in the face. We don’t have TV yet (we are waiting till the first check to buy a small flat screen) so we watch a lot of movies which is fine and dandy because we have over 200 of them and never go anywhere with out them – lol.
Not a whole lot to report for the week it’s been quiet and full of many walks and relaxing. Almost like the calming before the storm. We did finally buy a saw, a griddle, and a coffee pot so life is good. Well here are some picture the one is of the 3 African Candle Sticks I gave away to Linda and Ray and the other 2 pictures are of Upper Fall and Lower Fall in McCloud. Wow it was so beautiful there. And very well up kept and didn’t look all that old. Enjoy. Remember you can follow my blog by signing up (all you have to do is scroll all and click on this: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) . I need a large following and need your help by signing up…. Thanks!!


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