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April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter everyone! Jill and Harry – I sure hope you enjoy your brother’s visit. We are in Elko, NV and we have about 290 more miles to get to California and then add another 200 miles to Mount Shasta and wal-la. The drive thru this part of Nevada is not pretty. It’s a lot of open spaces with brown as far as you can see. The one thing we have noticed since this morning is all the butterflies that we are hitting while we are driving. I don’t know much about them but they sure are beautiful. Ugggg we have to call the in-laws later and that is always most stressful for us. They seem to be most disappointed in us. By the way we live. Now we have 3 meals a day – our home is owned and is clean – we have money in our pockets and have jobs – I think we are doing ok. To be able to see the things you want to see at a drop of a dime is freedom. Now while the in-laws are saying such awful things they sit in a house that has 3 mortgages on. They live in fear with more locks on their doors then a normal house would have. They don’t trust a soul because they live in Miami – ummmmmm I think my life is much more safer and much more productive and just plain a happy life. I don’t want to die with regrets of not living. OK, like I said speaking to the in-laws is so stressful it tends to bring the worst out in me. And for that I am sorry.
On too better things. We seem to be going thru the mountains again and the view is changing for us again. Must stop to see it..

So we are parked for the night at a rest stop just 30 miles from California. We’ll be in Mount Shasta tomorrow afternoon.
Well not much to report today – it was a bit quiet. We put on a movie for sound affect and to entertain me while driving. Made time go by real fast. Nevada has the some very dirty unfriendly rest stops. If you can help it don’t stop. No vending machine, no computers information just a pot to pee and with all the graffiti you can muster up to read.
Oh I forgot to post the pic of the strange art we came across in Utah. Let me know what you think of it…. Also the picture of the tunnel thru the mountain is for Jill & Harry. This was our 2nd one we went thru.


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