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June 22, 2009

California Fishing

Good-Morning Folks or After-Noon for some. Today is the start of the week. My only question is… Will it be a good week? I sure hope. We could use it. Because just a couple of days ago (Saturday) we worked a ½ day so not to go over in hours and we planned on going fishing. So off to town we went and got our fishing license at $13.00 each and off we went. We went across the Lake Siskiyou just to get a break from our area and it was a major no-go. So we decided to head up to Gumbo Lake (not sure if I spelled that right) and went up 8 miles when the car decided to stall and break down. ERRRRRR I was mad. And then the bad weather starting coming in. So we walked back to our area and decided to cut through the woods not sure if we would end up any closer. We did and that was the only part of the day that was nice. We decided when we got back, to fish anyways even in the rain – for $26.00 would of gone to waste. Well it was wasted anyways. With the rain and the wind and the dropping of temp (uggg in the very low 50’s) we couldn’t bare it. So what we do is head to the restaurant here at the resort and ate there. Wow of course the food is wonderful. Renee the cook (and we laugh because every time we head there she is always the one cooking – and we never plan it that way which makes it funny) served us fish for Jorge (lol) and I had tri tips – yummy and a bowl of clam chowder.

Sunday we busted butts like no other. There was Jessica, Park, Jorge and myself working a full day and like dogs too. There were 23 checkouts and 4 turnovers. Ugggg and we still didn’t finish. Enough units were done where I don’t have to work today. We try to save the hours for the end of the week and not for the beginning of the week seeing I’m only part time. So Today I re-did the cleaning checklist for the old SUCKED bad and was out dated. The new one should make things easier but we’ll see.

And then I need to put in my time for volunteer work with MS. I’m still emailing patients to see if we can do anything for them in the form of crafting that is. I made a blanket for the very first member who joined our group. What’s really cool about this patient is that they signed up to help and I was choked up bad – because the day of sign up was 3 weeks to the day that my brother passed on and left us. It renewed my anger, which is always welcomed and gives me motivation to continue in his name.

Yippee, payday is this Friday for us and I really need to get a camera and may have to get a new printer for the new one we just bought on the last payday is no longer working and has only been used twice. I’m a bit peeved about that.

Well, I guess that will have to hold our viewers until the next time I am able to blog. Hoping everyone who reads this is happy and healthy. Please remember to do something nice for someone you know and a stranger. That’s 2 somethings….



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