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June 29, 2009

RV Traveling Pet Walkers



OK! So most of my friends know about my Kricket Bee. She was a beautiful puppy I had to give away because of the amount of hours we work. So there was no time to train her and be with her like she deserved. Because of that I had walked on her almost killing my cat. OH my!! The decision had to be made.

A week later I have a day off from work and I'm walking to the area beach here at the Lake Siskiyou Campground and I see dog owners getting their pets out just to find out they are not allowed in the area. So the wheels in my head start turning. What if I offered a walking service to walk their pets while they hang out on the beach. And then I got to thinking, now I can get a puppy and be with him/her and train like I would loved to have to begin with. This could be a great thing. I even thought about adding a store to the fore front to cover myself when I am not out there pet walking. I am crafty and so is my husband and even more so he is.

So I have my web page up and everything in order and ready to go. Of course I do need to fine tune the page but hey that's ok. I need to get more material that is pet friendly to start my work on the cool products to offer. And I am searching drop shipping companies that cater to pet friendly products to sell. I am so excited and hope to be making a paycheck soon doing this and that we are able to offer personal service to pet owners.



  1. Hi Evie,
    Its Carol, Jills daughter. I have finally finished the course I was studying and have a few minutes to pop in and say 'Hi' to you.

    This pet walking service sounds like a fabulous idea, well done you. Hope its a success.

    Right must go, my 4yo calls (again) and needs me.


  2. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver Pet Walkers the best service in the industry


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