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June 12, 2009

My fight is still STRONG...


So today I am home for 2 reasons. One I need to get ready to sell my items in Weed, CA tomorrow. I will be set up at their mall from 10am to 5pm. And more important I am home working on my networks to help MS Patients. My group is growing slowly but that's fine - I want people to use this group as a help forum and a volunteer forum and we'll always be there for them.

Today is cold here in Mount Shasta and of course it's cloudy and rain is not far behind it. Ugggg it's like the 3rd or 4th day of this.

Looking forward heading to Ashland, OR next week for personal reasons which I can't say anything about until we get back. But pray for us...

I was watching the morning news this morning on my most favorite news program "The Today Show" and I was deeply sadden by the article about the teen girls who beat the day lights out of what use to be their friend over a boy and even cut her hair. I'm shocked yet again and it seems that this world is full of this behavior. I know TV has a lot to do with it but it's the lack of presence in the Church that is also the cause of this. People get back to the house of the Lord. Love thy neighbor and treat people as you would want to be treated. Time on this earth is so short and life with our heavenly father is eternal why would you ruin that one and only chance.

The picture is a sample of the blankets I will be volunteering to make for MS patients. Of course the patient will have the choice of colors but each one will be made in honor of my brother.

On that note I will close for I am having a moment and need to cry... Oh how I miss you Pea....



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