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July 1, 2010

R.I.P. Janice Gentry

Inyo Recreation - CLM lost one of its family members this morning at approximately 1:30am. Janice Gentry was a wonderful person who was a true beautiful lady. Lung Cancer took her away from us. Janice loved wolves and I chose this picture because for me it was Janice screaming to the heavens to set her free. And FREE she is now from the terrible pain she endured. I know most of my readers have no clue who she was and I'll be happy to share my memories of her and there are only a few I have because we had only just met a couple of months ago.
The first time I meet Janice was the day she arrived to Old Shady Campground to be with her husband Don - she had spent a good amount of time with her family just prior. Don her husband had asked us to come over and meet her. And when I came face to face with her I noticed her beautiful eyes and her small well framed face. And then I shook her hand but lightly because I knew she was sick. What stuck in my mind was the willingness of the strength she put to shaking my hands. And then I noticed the bandages seeping of blood. But I kept looking into her eyes as she hide herself and I gave her the respect of not starring. And you all know - I'm a talker and for most of my self esteem have no problems asking questions and I just couldn't. This is the first time I'm saying this out loud but her eyes reminded me of my brother who passed a year prior to MS (June 1, 2009 R.I.P pea) and I became afraid of Janice. Jorge will verify what I am saying. I couldn't and haven't shaken that feeling since.
The second time meeting her my dog was ready to jump on her and I pulled Milita just in time. Janice couldn't of been more then 90 lbs and the sweet women says to me - I don't mind, I love dogs. What she didn't know is that I was afraid my dog would knock her to the ground in a heart beat. But what a women! She even invited my husband and I over for some cake and ice-cream a couple of weeks ago. And we went. I couldn't breath for all the medical stuff around. Again my husband will verify that I was scared and guilty for how I was feeling all stemming from my brothers death. I couldn't talk and I didn't act like myself. While in her home there where pics of her drawings and I was in the presence of a gifted artist. The wolf picture was breath taking and she shared her story. I wish I could share that picture with you all it's a piece that would sell for $1000's easy. And this was the last I'd ever see of her. My husband and I went to our bibles today to reflect and add our prayers to the many that where in place by many who loved in honor of this wonderful women. Tears where shared between us and our thoughts went and are for Don. Please add Don to your prayers.

Colossians 3:10
You have begun to live the new life, in which you are being made new.

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  1. Oh Evie I am sorry for your loss. Its so sad. Very good choice of Bible verse though. Much love from all of us here xxxx


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