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May 21, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Well, it's the calming of the storm before the storm. My poor husband is going nuts right now. He's trying to catch up with the work or lack of work being done on the cabins. The new girl started Tuesday on Jorge's day off. And not a good thing. Today Allison and Jorge are re-doing the work that was done on those days to get them to what standards I taught him (I'm so proud of him). The new girls is very respectful to Jorge and is eager to please him. I know the girls probably felt the need to speed clean when we are about the quality of the work and not the quantity of work. But all in all it will all pan out. Jorge still loves his job although he still worries like any good manager would.
Now me on the other hand. Well, I've done my first piece of art work for the season and will add the picture to this post. I LOVE MOOSE. You'll see what I mean in the picture.

I have sad news for all my friends who love us dearly. We had to give Kricket Bee away. She almost killed June Bug with her ruff play nearly 3-4 weeks ago and we've been training her to not do this - nothing we did worked. And we where guided by a trainer. June Bug won't defend himself and that's the main reason we made the decision. A women name Nancey who I will forever love has taken her. Her 2 dogs of age 10 and 14 passed away just months apart and when she heard of me she wanted to meet Kricket Bee. She has no cats and no children (although Kricket Bee loves children and pets). An older lady who has a lot of love. It broke my heart yesterday and I had to pull on the side of the road to compose myself. I know it's for the best and Kricket Bee is already proving that. Jorge and I decide an older dog would be a better fit for me. But I will stay with the smaller breed side because I love lap dogs. But I'm in no rush to seek one out yet.

Today I need to still search Craigslist for a pull trailer and see whats out there. I'm ready to make the change but again taking my sweet time this time to make the right choice. I will be picking the trailer and Jorge will pick the truck out. Now that seems fair - lol....

Well, if I don't blog by Memorial Day - I would like to wish all my full time RVers friends safe travels and for all else a happy safe holiday!!


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