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May 17, 2009

I'm now a full-time crafter and my POOR husband?

OK! So we travel 3000 miles and spent over $2000.00 to get to our 1st workamping job. We where beyond excited because we had the details worked out - so we thought. It turns out that I can't work for Lake Siskiyou as we thought. Now you all know that I'm the OCD Freak and we had to hurry to get Jorge trained - MY WAY. We tested him yesterday where he worked on a cabin all by himself and he did great.
We're not happy at all but we do need to make it worked or other wise it would be a waste. I even volunteered to work for free - but a no go. We are beyond stressed and trying to work out a plan B if all else fails. I will say the manager has been great BUT that does not ease our fear.
So I am scrambling to set up and get 3 stores on-line up and running to make the cash I would of made during my stay here for the season. Lake Sikiyou has offered a spot for me in their store to sell some of my items - but understand that can always change on a drop of dime.
The only postive thing we've gotten out of this experience is to never take anything face value thousands of miles away and to have things in writing and to have a plan B. I'm not angry anymore but disappointed. Everything does happen for a reason - how? is the thinking right now - What the hell is that reason....
I have other stuff to say about this situation but I'll reframe - But I will go on record saying Yvette has been wonderful and trying to figure out ways to make up for it. I will be grateful for her.
And thank you Sue, Pat, Gwen for encouraging us and helping us with plan B if we should have to take that route.

OK enough of that...

Today I'm working on hat that is being made with ibiza adriafil (foreign laugage - but it's like thin thin fabric - not yarn but fabric that I'm knitting into a hat). I've opened a new ebay store so far and won't open up the other 2 on-line stores till Tuesday (I'll have 4 total on-line stores).

Here's a link to my very first item:



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