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May 12, 2009

May 12th and it's our day off...

Hello! We are watching TV on our new flat screen tellie. The cable is not all that good here but at least we get a couple of channels. The inter-net is even more worse. We can't watch Hulu because they don't give us enough band width where you can watch streamed video (which is a huge problem for my on-line classes). But these things are minor.
Work? Well my friends know how I feel about our job location which I can't share on here for reasons that well I just shouldn't. But we are working and loving the type of work for it's what we've done before only then we where making $50.00 an hour and not the pay we are now making which is good for a fun job. We still love it up here and the locals are really taking to us. In fact we're making more friends outside of work then inside of work. Strange but we hope that changes soon.
The weather today is a bit chilly but then we're use to Miami's dying hot weather - lol. By this weekend it will be in the 70's phewwww - lol....
I've been working on gifts for the employee's and hope they understand that it comes from the heart and hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for them.
Today was our day off. So this morning we just kicked back until about 11am and then went to check on the girls in housekeeping which I felt was what a manager should do. ummmmmmm? Then we chatted with the Bait and Brew manager and Jorge managed to hook a deal on a fishing pole set (which we will buy two - one for each of us). Oh we meet the cook - and I have to say he's the nicest person we've meet here at our job. Wanted to know everything about us and really took great interest in our answers and just WOW very wonderful. The best part is he's parked in the same pod. Now we have 3 of us here and we love the fact we all get along so well. I haven't meet his wife yet but I sure will soon... I'll let you know soon how wonderful she is. Then we headed out to look for wood and just check more of the mountain out. It was beautiful and fun and we came across a cat in the middle of now where. I think Kricket Bee scared it away. And now we are back at home where I am forced to listen to Jorge snoring (errrrrrr).
I have a roast in the crock pot and will count down the minutes before Biggest Loser comes on (yes I love love love the show and learned a lot of tips to lose my own 10 lb weight loss - which now I'm back to MY normal weight). I think I'll hop into my P'J's by 7pm and call it a night and just relax. I don't have many pictures so these will have to do - ENJOY.....


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