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May 22, 2009


It's 3:30 pm and my fingers hurt. I've been working on a new granny square blanket afghan. Black and Lime Green are the colors I picked. So I thought I'd stop by real quick and update my blog.
Well, it's beyond beautiful up here today - not too hot and not cold at all. I haven't seen the local deer in a while. But they know where to hang out to get the most food they can muster. They hang around the RV camping section of the park.

I've been researching Churches up here in Mount Shasta and hope to find one for the season by this Sunday.

My cat June Bug is loving life again. He flops on the floor now where before he couldn't due to Kricket Bee. Speaking of Kricket Bee - Nancy her new Mum emailed me this morning to give me an update on how she is doing. And she's being very well behaved which makes me very happy.

Jorge is still at work right now and is feeling much better with what is being done with the housekeeping - everything is falling into place. Oh, the great news the restaurant is now open which explains why I haven't seen our neighbor much. We hope that Jorge gets to fish next Tuesday on his day off - how ever I really don't want to go with him. But we'll see. Lake Siskiyou has the best boats and Jorge and I are still wondering if we'll rent one or not - have to see how the budget works. I sure hope we can it would be a lot of fun as long as the sunscreen comes along.

I should check out the movie house to see what's playing. It's been over 2 1/2 years since Jorge and I went to a movie. LOL also they show movies here at the resort - but I'm afraid it's going to be more cartoons. Although I do love Hoodwink (I think it's called that).

I noticed in the last hour the park has been filling up which will be the most we've seen since starting work. Exciting!! I hope they have a successful year.

Well, again friends Happy Memorial Day!! Let me know in the comment section what your plans are!!


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  1. That is so strange that your cat's name is June Bug. My Grandma's nick name was June Bug. (Her middle name was June, she just passed away the 22nd of May.) I like your Kricket Bee, too. :)


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