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May 24, 2009

Sunday May 24th 2009

The picture is the wooden village I made....

Happy Birthday A.V. I will be thinking of you on your special day. I miss you and love you so much!!

Today! Wow what a beautiful day. This morning I went for a walk and was surprised to still see so many bikers. The Solution Bike gang - they are a sober and clean gang and there are a lot of them. Very friendly sort.

Today they had a minister giving a sermon but when I walked by there was only one couple - how sad is that? I did my Bible reading as I do every morning when Jorge leaves for work (then again together just before bed).
I'm missing home and the little people and that's why Mystic Pizza the movie is on in my DVD Player. Not my favorite movie but it does remind me of home.

Poor Jorge!! He's all alone today. The new girl called in sick (remember she had started this past Tuesday) on a holiday weekend. But Jorge went in with good vibes and so far somehow he's pulling it off. I think knowing the routine to things is helping big time. He said today he hopes they invite him back next season. So we'll see.

I'm reading this book by Wally Lamb and it's called I know this much is true. The writer is from my home town but beyond that the book was on the Oprah's Book Club and it's a great book, not that I need Oprah to tell me that. If you get a chance do pick up a copy it's a great book.

Now we avoid the news as much as possible but couldn't escape all the talk about Jon and Kate plus 8. And I have to say it's so sad. The only ones that are being hurt by this will be the children. I hope they wise up and do what's best for the kids. And then Miami has been making the news with abuse to a man in a wheel chair - and the scary thing is we know the area of where this happen a little too well. Thank gosh we are out of that city. Anyway, I hate TV for this reason it's more about bad then good.

Well what ever part of the country you are in - please be safe and be happy. Drop a word of what's up and we'll be thinking of you. So until maybe tomorrow Good day to ya...


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