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May 18, 2009

Like everyone said "Things will get better."

I have been getting the best support about this whole moving 3000 miles for a job that suppose to work out.

Today I got an email from my friend Jill who reminds me a lot of Sue. When her friends are hurt she jumps to their side and out pours the huge amount of support. I so needed her email this morning. After reading her email I put on a huge smile and got right to work. I did get another set of washcloths done and manage to get them on the 3 on-line stores I now have.

And then I got to thinking about a customer/seller I've debt with for almost a year on eBay. Her name is Chrissy and she is a STAY AT HOME Mother of 4. If I remember righ Abbey, Chris, Ashley, and I can't remember her last child's name. She had hired me to make a pillow and paint pictures for her children - which at that time had been a number of years since doing art. Anyway..... I've been buying fabric from her and she has good stuff and has always given me the best prices - so how could I not think of her for all the new stuff I need to make for my stores....? So I emailed her this morning and sure enough she's still going strong with her business. She does a lot of baby items which you just have to check out. Here's her link:


Isn't her stuff just the coolest.... I need her to make me some stuff for my dog (sorry closest thing I will come to a baby :(
And she'll take special orders and is very very very very great to work with - I can say this because I'll always do business with her...

It's now kind of late in the day and my spirits is still high and knowing that my husband in 2 hours will then get the next 2 days off. So tomorrow we will be shopping for more material I will need, such as paints, mesh, yarn, and stuff like that so I can get to work and plug in more items into the on-line store.

Then Wednesday Jorge will be fishing for the 1st time this year - however California sucks for charging high price just to fish $105 for the season and $18 just for a flipping day pass... But we need for Jorge to catch some as I promised to send Jill's husband Harry pictures.... Cross your fingers.... And be sure to check Chrissy's web page out..... Really I'm not kidding she's good!!


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