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May 28, 2009

Jorge caught his first fish - He's NO Harry!!

OK I had to add a pic of me - look how white I'm getting - lol. That's my fishing hat I'm wearing. I don't wear hats well but since I am a SUNSCREEN Queen I don't take very good pictures.
Please do let Jorge know what you think of his fish in the comment section on the blog!!

First of all let me say a quick hello to our dear friends in the UK. Good-morning Jill and Harry....

OK he finally went fishing yesterday. We had to buy a one day pass for him for $13.75which is funny because that's the cost for a full fishing license in other states - oh well.

So Jorge and I headed down to the lake and sat for 3 hours and NOTHING. So we headed back to the RV and had lunch. After lunch I sent Jorge on his own so that I could get more of my granny squares done. I got a text about 2:30pm saying he caught his first fish. So he heads home and I'm waiting with the camera because I know Jorge so well that I new he wouldn't just continue to fish but run home to show off his good deed - lol. And to my surprise it's not a bad size. So now we head down to a different area of the lake with failure BUT a nice gent did give us his 2 fish (how sweet) but they weren't legal so we fed them to the birds who where more then happy to take our gift.

We were dirty from sitting on the ground but didn't care we where hungry and decided to check out the Lake Siskiyou Bar & Grill (we live about 400 yards from it - lol). Tri Tips sandwich is what we both had - I loved it but Jorge being Cuban is not a huge fan of BBQ sauce.

Now let me back track a day - on Tuesday we just stayed home and worked on our crafting. Jorge was putting together a beautiful King size quilt which was a huge challenge in our 24ft RV. Then went to local bar which was sold out on a lot of their items due to the holiday but we did manage to get a good bite to eat and WOW their beer was GOOD. I can't remember what the place was called GOAT something or other. But it's where the younger crowd hangs out and it was fun.

Now it's Thursday and it's back to work for the both of us. I need to search Craigslist and eBay for the next RV we are looking for and then head to WEED, CA and check out possible displaying some of my items in their store (and it's only $20 a month) and hope to sell some of it but better for all of it. And then I need to purchase a picnic table cover so I can sit outside and work when it's get to be to hot in the RV (I know - I know we should have AC but nothing works except the fridge and that works too well).

LOL BREAKING NEWS (and I'm not kidding) Jorge just came home and I'm going back to work BUT for only 20 hours a week. Hey I'm all in. Just extra money to invest in some fancy crafting tools that I have on my wish list. This all came about from the owner of the resort - I'm shocked, I'm Happy, and well I'm screaming in my mind OH YEAH.... I can see my new FANCY printer, and my new camera in my very near future... That means 100% of Jorge's money gets put into savings YIPEEE... All of our bills are paid till March of next year so we are still ahead of the game except for the fact WE NEED A NEW RV that is more self contained. And oh yeah we are getting Solar panels too..... I won't start till tomorrow. So I'll work 4 hours a day and then come home to do my crafting.

I'm still working on where we will be for the winter season - I would like to still work for income just to build the nest a little bit more. I would like to be able to take a full year off with no worries in about 3 years. We'll see...

Ok enough for today - I do have a lot of things to get done before tomorrow. I hope to hear from my friends and wish them all the best today and everyday!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow!! Harry says the fish looks great...quite big too.
    Great you are back working,you definetly sound happy again.


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