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August 10, 2010

Saddlebag Lake Resort Cafe


People often ask me "What's the big deal about Saddlebag"? It's in the middle of
no-where with nothing to offer." And I just shake my head because until they've gone and seen for themselves I can only say - A DREAM. It's where my husband and I discovered there are good people that do exist. It's where we made some of the most interesting friends that still want to know how we are doing and what we are up to. It where we learned from right and wrong and what's really important in life. We found God up there as well (together as husband and wife). And we learned how to respect the wild and want to protect them. And to respect our bodies with better foods. Just everything we want to be is what Saddlebag is made of.

Of course we've seen places just as beautiful and in some cases more beautiful but with Saddlebag we did the most learning. The hikes, the fishing, the chatting, the work and even the problems is what we took from Saddlebag. And here we are in Mammoth Lakes with our eyes a little more open and hearts a little bigger and our friends list a little longer - we've started something and happy to see it through.

There are things that the Saddlebag Lake Resort does have to offer beside Carmen famous pies in which you'll even hear about on the local radiotalk show http://www.kmmtradio.com/krhvhome.php (sorry Carmen your pies have been ratted out with the vinegar secret).

*Boat Rentals
*Water Taxi
*Hiking Advice (where to go and where not to go)
*Fishing Advice and stories (don't believe the one about the 5ft fish)
*Store full of goodies (a Sweat Shirt and Hat is a must)
*Cafe full of yummy foods (trust me we've eaten everything on the Menu)
*And if your lucky Richards bad jokes (we maybe a few good ones)
*Best of all friendly service

When I got to see the pictures - I was in complete shock on how much the cafe has changed. Because of my husband work hours and not having a toad car (just our RV which is parked until Nov 15) we haven't had a chance to check all their remodeling they have done this season. I love it - it looks great.

If you have any question about hours, prices, fishing license and all that sort of stuff check out their web sites. *Please note* they have nothing to do with the campground up the hill nor does the campground have anything to do with the cafe. If your looking for information on the campground please visit http://www.recreation.gov/ and remember that Saddlebag campground does not take reservation but they do have a group site that you can reserve and I would recommend.

All pictures are credit to Marge Lindbeck and if your looking for a copy she'd be happy to sell you a print just contact me with the info and I'll pass it on.

Location of Saddlebag Lake Resort and Saddlebag Campground can be found here at http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Saddlebag+Lake,+CA&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=33.626896,78.662109&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Saddlebag+Lake&z=14


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