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August 7, 2010

Editor's Corner Mammoth Lakes, CA

From RVbookstore.com Is where this article came from. My friend Sharon thought it would be of interest and it is.... Thanks Sharon!!

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Editor's corner
With Chuck Woodbury

I'm back from my short car trip with my daughter along the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains from Reno, Nev., 165 miles south along U.S. 395 to the Mammoth Lakes area in California. A few observations about what to see and do here:

First, travel with your RV. There are few motels, but scads of U.S. Forest Service campgrounds. Four wonderful vacation areas (all in California) to spend a week or more are: Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Virginia Lake (elevation about 9,200 feet) and Twin Lakes (out of Bridgeport). Most of the campgrounds are in beautiful forests, often by a lake or stream. Bring your fishing poles: this is big-time trout fishing country.

Don't miss the ghost town of Bodie. It's about a 40-minute drive southeast of Bridgeport. The last three miles of road is dirt, but should be no problem for most RVs. Just shut your windows to avoid the dust. Bodie is a California State Park and the best ghost town in America. Adult admission is $7. Pack a lunch: there is no food in the park but there is a drinking fountain. Read more about Bodie in my blog.

Big, blue, mysterious Mono Lake is spectacular. The odd white formations along the shoreline and in the water, called Tufa towers, are fascinating. The best place to see them is at the South Tufa area off highway 120 ($3 entry fee). An easy, short trail leads through the monolithic formations. Naturalist tours are offered several times a day in the summer.

Mono Lake is saltier than the ocean and toxic to most life. But trillions of tiny brine shrimp thrive and provide a feast to millions of migrating birds that feed or breed here (80 percent of all California seagulls are born at Mono Lake).

In Bridgeport, the Bridgeport Inn is a good place for dinner: a room goes for about $120 (choose room 19 if you're into ghosts). Buster's Food Market in Bridgeport has the basics but I would personally avoid the meat department where the steaks were an unattractive shade of brown/black/purple when I stopped on Sunday.

In Lee Vining, Nicely's is a popular coffee shop with take-out sandwiches. Get one of its very cool tee-shirts. Bodie Mike's BBQ next door has outdoor seating and excellent barbecued pork sandwiches.

Fuel up in Carson City before heading south, or Bishop (or Mammoth) before heading north. Otherwise, prepare to spend top dollar. Regular unleaded gasoline in Bridgeport was $4.10 when I passed through.

If you like Basque food, plan dinner at the JT Basque Bar and Dining Room in Gardnerville, Nevada. It's served family-style along with a carafe of red wine. Emily and I enjoyed our hearty meal, although the side dish of tongue stew was not our thing (but apparently it is to many of the diners).

This area is one of the most scenic in the West and very RV friendly. I highly recommend you visit. Bring sunscreen.

P.S. Check out this photo of Emily and me taken in the same location, but 18 years apart.

Next Friday I'm leaving in my motorhome for a two- to three-month romp around the USA. Keep up with me at Twitter.

And check out my photos of people who are not really people! Confused? Click here to understand.

* * *
The second installment of Mike Sokol's series Understanding and Preventing RV Electrical Shocks is available by clicking here. I highly recommend you read the entire series, which will appear once a week for the next 11 weeks. What you learn could prevent you from being shocked by your RV -- and worse case -- dying from the shock.

Did you miss the first installment? Read it here.

* * *
Last issue I asked you how often you stayed overnight in rest areas. Apparently most of you do not or do so rarely. See the results of the survey.


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Former RV magazine
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John Powers, the former editor and publisher of Thousand Trails' magazine Trailblazer, died July 30 from a brain injury sustained from a fall while playing golf. After leaving Trailblazer, John founded the Chuckanut Ridge Wine Company in Bellingham, Washington.

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Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel:
Regular unleaded gasoline: $2.77 (on August 6)
Change from week before: Up 5 cents.
Diesel: U.S. $2.93 (on August 2)
Change from week before: Up 3 cents.

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Best to let RV fridge run all the time?
Dear RV Doctor,
I have been told through second hand information that it is better to let an RV refrigerator run all the time, even when the motorhome is not in use. The technician claimed that when the refrigerator is not running that the fumes from the ammonia will cause corrosion and thus will rot the aluminum to the point that it will leak. He claimed that when left running all the time you will not experience the problem of replacing the unit. Any thoughts on this? -- Bob, (Sebring, FL)
Read Gary's response

Can I de-winterize my RV myself?
Dear Gary,
Last autumn, I bought my first RV and had the dealer winterize it after I was done traveling for the year. I want to de-winterize it myself but I'm not sure of what's involved. Can I just flush it out to remove the RV antifreeze? Can I obtain a pamphlet somewhere that covers winterizing/de-winterizing? --Peter, (New Kensington, PA)
Read the Doc's response.

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Woman falls out of moving motorhome
A 67-year-old woman fell Thursday from a motorhome traveling 60 mph near Milton, Penn. While walking toward the back of the RV, she put her hand on a swivel chair near the rear side entrance. The chair turned and she stumbled down against the unlocked door which opened and allowed her to fall. Last word was she was in critical condition.

Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton, NC, bills itself as America's only "dog dedicated campground." But leave your children at home -- they are not allowed at the 35-acre park.

Carson RV, with locations in Elko and Carson City, Nevada, has closed. Bad economy cited as reason.

Thor announced Wednesday that RV sales for the fiscal year ended July 31 were up 66 percent from the year before.

Monaco has introduced a new Vesta Class A motorhome. Models are 32 and 35 feet with a GVWR of 26,000 pounds and a 260-hp Maxx Force diesel engine that should get 15-18 mpg.

The 25th annual Bangor Camping and RV Show scheduled for this weekend at the Bangor (Maine) Civic Center has been canceled due to lack of interest from vendors.

Visits to Yellowstone National Park were up 5.8 percent through July over last year. So far, more than two million people have visited during the first seven months.

Find someplace dark the nights of August 13 and 14, when the annual Perseid meteor showers will peak. Scientists say, best case, you could see 50 to 100 meteors in an hour. Best time is after midnight.

A man who ran over his girlfriend twice with a motorhome, killing her, has been arrested in Sacramento, California.

Mark your calendars: Admission to 146 U.S. National Parks will be free August 14-16.

Dutchmen is recalling 1,255 model year 2010-2011 Colemna, Dutchmen, Four Winds, Dutchmen Lite, Dutchmen Sport and Rainier RVs manufactured between Nov. 2 and May 5. An axle problem could cause tire failure. Info: 866-869-1109.

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RV Short Stop
Carnivore plants on Oregon coast
A few miles north of Florence, Oregon along U.S. 101, not far from the shores of the Pacific, a daily carnage of death takes place. But you cannot hear the screams. The victims are insects. The predators are innocent-looking plants called Darlingtonia, which sounds a whole lot like darling. But hah! For insects that fall in love with these lush green plants, the word darling does not apply. For these plants -- unlike most plants that crave only soil, water and if they are lucky, an occasional shot of Miracle Grow -- are carnivores! Admission is free. Read more.

Learn about other RV Short Stops.

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Learn more about the basics of RVing at Beginners Guide to RVing.

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The RV Shrink
Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
When my wife and I bought our motorhome the salesman was our best friend, now he doesn't even know our name. Our new best friend is the head mechanic at the dealership. I just wanted to camp but my wife wanted the doorbell that played a dozen different tunes, electric steps, push-button awning and a media center that is so hi-tech our TOAD is a Geek Squad VW with two guys in it. So far we have spent more time looking for RV repair service than fishing. I find myself blaming my wife for talking me into all these expensive extras. It has caused problems in our marriage. Am I wrong? I hate conflict. --Broken Down in Biloxi
Read the RV Shrink's analysis.

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Roadside America

The Thing
If you have driven I-40 in Arizona, you have likely seen the trillion billboards that advertise the roadside attraction "The Thing?". By the time you actually reach the exit, there's a good chance someone in the car or RV will plead "Can we stop? Please!" Then after you spend your dollar to see the mysterious attraction you will probably say, "Gee, we shoulda put that money toward a rattlesnake fang." Our guess is that The Thing? has brought in a few hundred thousand dollars over the years. If you want to add to the fund, stop by. You might be impressed. But probably not.


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Museum of the week
Bob Wills Museum, Turkey, Texas
Bob Wills was the king of Western Swing, and maybe he still is. In Turkey, Texas there's no doubt about it, because the town of 520 has a super museum honoring the performer as well as his Texas Playboys band. Wills was reared on a farm just north of town, which explains the museum's location. See memorabilia of the Texas Playboys and of Wills' career and his influence on American music, including fiddles, boots, hats, recordings, music, and photos. Open weekdays 9-11 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. And if you're lucky and are in town the last Saturday of April, polish up your dancin' boots and help Turkey celebrate Bob Wills Days.

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Upcoming RV Shows
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Tech Tips from Mark Polk

Tire neglect is bad news!
Every weight rating on an RV is based on the weakest link in the system. The tires on your RV are by far the most important and most neglected link in the system. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard people say that the tires on their RV were defective, or my tires only had 12,000 miles on them when I had a blowout. In the majority of cases the truth of the matter is that tire maintenance has been neglected. The only thing between your RV and the road surface is your tires and the air that is in them. Here are some of the leading causes of premature tire failure: Overloading or under-inflating the tires, exposure to ozone and UV rays, old tires and failure to rotate tires.

Learn more about RV repair and maintenance at Mark's blog and about his many helpful books and DVDs at RVbookstore.com.




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The RV Kitchen
Janet Groene's Sahara Stew
This is a fruity, exotic, North African adventure, not the "same old stew." Make it in a pot atop the stove, solar oven, Dutch oven, slow cooker or pressure cooker. Garbanzo beans supply the starch but to stretch the dish further, serve it over rice or couscous. Get the recipe.

See some great recipes at GoCampingAmerica.com.

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South Carolina was once known as the Iodine State. It put the slogan on its license plates to promote the high iodine content in its fruits and vegetables at a time when there was great concern about iodine deficiencies in youngsters. With the advent of iodized salt in the 1940s, demand for iodized food dropped and so was the slogan. South Carolina is now known as the Palmetto State.

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Random RV Thought
When using a public shower, like in a state park, always turn on the hot water before getting undressed. Sometimes, there will be no hot water. If it's a cold morning or evening you will feel pretty stupid standing there naked with nowhere to go. Of course, if you are brave and have the cold tolerance of a polar bear, jump right in. Brrrrrrr. Good luck!

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Tongue twister
Repeat this ten times in a row without pausing. Can you do it?
How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?
Another tongue twister next week.

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High speed driving on a really hot day severely stresses tires. Slow down to reduce the stress, especially if you are fully loaded. --From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.

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