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August 27, 2010

Site Area Manager Appreciation Dinner at Tom's Place

What a treat! What great company and what a meal.... Wayne and Kathy took all the site area managers out to dinner. And so they decided to take the managers to Tom's Place. Jorge was excited because we've never been there but heard from everyone how good their food is - And it was....

However I have to be honest - their service on this night SUCKED with a capital T. The waitress spoke to everyone like a child and even spilled gravy on poor Bob (I don't blame him for being upset) who sat next to me. The way she'd slam the plates down, we all had wondered who was to be next and it was close to being Wayne - the next victim that is.... My husband who knows how I am about the quality of service told me to keep my mouth quiet. My husband is not known for giving me orders so when he does I so take this into account - that yes I did keep my mouth shut. But now that I am bloggin this girl should not be serving people with out a lesson on how to serve correctly...

It was a fun night but very hard to hear everyone speak because of the volume of noise surrounding us (locals - lol - we sat next to the bar - need I say more).

I would like to thank Wayne and Kathy for the evening out and thanking everyone for their hard work. It so nice to hear and really motivates you to do better.

Here's some pictures and hope you enjoy! I will say the food was excellent... So obviously go for the food and hope you don't end up with the same waitress we where stuck with.... (on a note - we've heard good things about the other servers, just wished we had them instead).


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