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August 2, 2010

Till the Clouds roll by

Hello everyone! It's been so busy and I'm waiting for a couple of people to turn in their interviews I placed by emails so that I can blog about them. I have a professional cake maker who is also a full time Mum and is getting ready to start college - my huge question to her and I can't wait to share it all with you is - how the heck does she do it? Amazing - Amazing - Amazing! Truly a blog you'll just have to read for yourself. But as Christmas is coming I'll be doing a lot of blogs on self-employed people and their products. I don't charge to blog about products or places or anything but do take donations so if your interested in having your items of work or anything you wish to share with the world - do email me and I'll put it together and get it blogged. I'm catching up on some really needed rest and so I'm off to watch "Til the clouds roll by" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Till_the_Clouds_Roll_By I do own it on DVD and well it's a super great movie and I love the older movies more the modern day stuff - less smut and bad language. I'm also a recent fan of Judy Garland (I just read her Bio - was interesting - such a sad women in a beautiful body) and I love her fan page and you should check it out - what a flipping voice she had. http://www.thejudygarlandpage.com/ so I am off to go watch the movies and just relax and hope that the rest of the afternoon stays peaceful - one can only hope! Have a great day everyone!!


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