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August 28, 2010


From time to time I'll get a request to blog about a particular product for a donation. My answer is always "SURE" only if I have it in hand and have used it/ate it/tried it. So when this product came across my desk - I had to take on the project and blog.... And most excited to!

I don't have children and my step-sons are a little too old to be coloring - however I've never asked them lol. These samples I received will be heading to Miami to my wonderful nephews William and Alexander who I miss dearly.

PARTY FAVORS AND MORE is a fairly new company (Opened on Jul 13, 2010) and is already blooming in sales. Handmade crayons made from recycled crayons and that is what got my attention. Being green these days is so easy and if it isn't for you then a company like this is the right store to shop at. I'll add a couple of pictures but you must stroll into their store that is also employed by the owners children who are eager to design and create new items all the time. So you'd be supporting and becoming a fan of their children who are learning all about the business world at such a young age - which is setting their future right. Anything from Spongebob, Dora, Dinosaur, Animals, Disney Characters, and many of the top things kids go nuts over....

Almost 90% of their business is in custom orders so don't be afraid to ask or request your shopping list - they can handle it easy.... What makes this store such a early success is the fact that they do custom make their orders to meet your needs.

PARTY FAVORS AND MORE is still at its new peek and will soon being setting up a direct web site - so request to be place on their email list and as soon as that's set up they'll send an email (clowry02@yahoo.com) with a direct link to their new web store. But for now you can make all your purchases and custom order request at:


The store has a rate of 54 and out of the 54 they are all positive comments...
Now here are some comment on her store I'd like to share with you....
Sweetbrooks says: This was a big hit with my 3-year-old daughter! Super fast shipping. Thank you

Spiceberrycottage says: Thanks so much for your spashin' summer fabric order! Us girls (Mom and daughter team) appreciate your business!
their orders to meet your needs.

Artsychica says: fantastic crayon rolls! thanks for being so helpful! Will be sending my friends your way!!

And there is just so many more comments... The point is if you have children or have nieces and nephews, god children, daycare children, church group children - they are a perfect reason to shop at this wonderful store....

Don't take my word but see for yourself. Do me a favor do tell PARTY FAVORS AND MORE that I sent you - that way they know they paid for the ad and received business from it (this would be helping them - thanks).

The first two picture are the items PARTY FAVORS AND MORE sent me to test their products out - all the rest are from their etsy store.....

Please leave a comment on this blog so that the PARTY FAVORS AND MORE knows that it was read


  1. It is a pleasure to work with them and getting them this you sould donate they are great people

  2. great idea, every small step to keep it green adds up


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