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August 3, 2010

Lake George Marina located in Mammoth Lakes, CA


I found this article on http://www.yelp.com/sanjose and then I am going to back it up by posting the pictures of the owner of the marina. These people are super great and the children are hard workers and you should stop by and say hello and buy a candy bar seeing I can't have one - lol. the picture are our encounter with the store. So do enjoy!!

For my 800th Yelp review, I figured I would (once again) take it back to my childhood, and since the only review I've ever had removed was of a business in Mammoth (and I'm still upset about it), what better place to review something?

Mammoth Lakes and environs has many lakes, as you can probably imagine. Most of them are not accessible by car, so you have to hike to them. I've never been to any of the hiking ones, but if any of these mystery lakes are anywhere near as amazing as Lake George, they're well worth risking shin splints and bear mauling for.

Like I said, only five of Mammoth Lake's lakes have roads going to them (six if you count Twin Lakes as two lakes), but Lake George is without question the crowning jewel of all five. Sure, Lake Mary has a larger surface area, more places to eat, and more boats to rent; but you basically have to fish by boat on Lake Mary--it has so many weeds and fallen trees in the shallow parts, you'll end up cutting your line five times a day. Lake George may seem smaller, but it's much deeper than Lake Mary. It abuts a mountain. Literally. A mountain goes right down and forms the lake's (western?) shore, so the fish have much more room to forage or whatever they do.

I've spent many many many quiet morning hours fishing here. I don't really know what I think about fishing these days, but I would gladly spend many many many quiet morning hours just sitting on the shores of Lake George. It's also kind of fun being here when a storm rolls in. Hopefully, you'll get to your car in time, but if you don't, just take cover under some trees and watch the wind and rain absolutely rip the surface of the water up. And then wait twenty minutes and it's completely still again.

I want to write thousands more words about the weird structure/bait shop/piano-lessons place, the lonely cabin on the western shore of the lake, our motor dying in the middle of the lake, climbing the rocky mountainside to see how high up the stream goes, actually believing my dad would hike to Lake Barrett with me, etc.; but I don't want to ruin this review. Yet.

Suffice it to say that if you find yourself a nice spot on the eastern shore of Lake George on a clear day--and they're almost all clear days in August--you can look up at that snow-capped peak that's just beyond the mountain that careens down into the lake and thank God or whomever or whatever you believe in or no one for a kind of beauty that you've seen pictured tens of thousands of times in paintings and photographs and movies but that is, ultimately, only understandable when you're right there in front of it.


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