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August 26, 2010

Heart Lake Hike

From the Lake Mary Junction (waypoint LMRJCT) drive 0.6 miles around the west side of Lake Mary, to the signed left turn into Cold Water Campground (waypoint CLDCMP). Drive through the campground, three quarters of a mile more, until you come to several non-campsite parking loops up-canyon from the campsites.

The western parking loop is the trailhead for Emerald Lake (waypoint EMERLD), the eastern parking loop has separate trailheads for Duck Pass and Heart Lake (waypoint DCKHRT) and a tourist walk to an old mine.

So we did this.... We took the FREE trolley (which caters to all residents and visitors year round for FREE thanks to the local businesses and the Home Owners Association) from our campground up to Coldwater Campground and then walked about 1/4 of a mile to the trailhead. First however we ate lunch in which we got at http://www.oldnewyork.com/ which has GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT food but the worst customer service - we've been there twice and the twit that served us was a flipping SNOT BAG with tons of RUDENESS to go with it... Then got our coffee of course at http://www.starbucksstore.com/... The hike was about 2 miles straight UP.... It was great (hot for sure)... Not a soul in sight and with plenty of peace and quiet. We manage to make it there and the first thing I did was take my shoes off so I can step into the water.... COLD but it felt great... We sat for the longest time just enjoying the surroundings and the quiet. We could of stayed there forever but we packed up and took a walk around the area and then headed back. The funny thing is we passed at least 18 people heading up - so our timing was beyond perfect.... And down, down, down we went back to the real world - oh wait Mammoth Lakes is heaven - lol.... Enjoy the pictures and hope one day soon you'll come to visit the very place I am honored to blog about!! Enjoy....

1 comment:

  1. Such beautiful scenery there Evie, I love seeing your pictures.


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