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August 5, 2010

Birthday Party For One Lou-Ann Dougherty

Aug 4, 1956 a brat name Lou-Ann was born - lol no really a wonderful women was born and it also turns out to be our Presidents Birthday as well. And so for the last umpt-teen years she's always celebrated up at Saddlebag Campground which is her favorite campground of all time. And this is where the story gets good. Jorge last year as many of you know was the camp host there. It was a great year for Jorge and I for many reason. We learned to value our friendship with people and we learned what it was like to have people stick up for us and telling the truth. Things like that just don't seem to matter to most people anymore - it's about the almighty flipping dollar. But we made the most wonderful friends there that have become our life time long friends and this is one of them - well two of them - lol.
So Marge (who works for Saddlebag Lake Resort) and I schemed up a plan. She and Lou-Ann where to walk the lake and then head down here for the party. Well, they both decided their bodies needed a break and headed down the hill for 11am. OMG thank goodness I had the chili on and so the rest could wait till later. We all went to Bishop for the day (Jorge too - poor guy was stuck with 3 crazy women) and headed for the buffet bar at the Chinese something or other and ate like pigs... Then went to K-Mart to shop and never shop with a Birthday Girl (they'll stalk you) it's almost impossible - lol. Then we made the mistake and got a yogurt ice-cream (Lou-Ann's fault for this - her excuse was let's just look in the window -yeah right) and then we again pigged out. So off to home and it's already 4pm and we get in the drive-way for 4:40pm and that gives me 20 minutes to pull everything off. And now it's 5pm and our guest are coming. Mary-Lou (last week was her birthday and we had a cake for her too) and Ken who are host for New Shady Campground and also Carol(lee) and Ron who are also camp host for New Shady (Ron is maintenance) campground and we had a blast. Even George 2 1/2 drove by screaming Happy Birthday (isn't he just the sweetest). We had Spanish rice, chili, salad, chips, hot dogs and then there was 2 cakes - a total yum fest. So by 8pm everyone started heading for home. We where lucky to get an invitation for Monday for dinner and a game of dominoes at Carol(lee) and Ron's - it means a lot to us when a host invites the boss over - doesn't happen much. But really who wants to hang out with the boss... umpfff.... So I think it's sweet and wonderful and we excepted... Then everyone went home and after cleaning up we watched a movie in which we both could not make it through (The Secret Garden) because we where tired and off to LA LA LAND... It was a great day and I was honored to be a part of Lou-Ann's special day and special people came and it was a blast!! NEXT is all I can say now.... Be good to your friends and be loyal to yourself and then you can be a real friend! We love you guys....

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  1. What a lovely post, Happy Birthday to your friend. How are you both?- Well, I hope. I havent heard from you for a while but I see you are both busy. How is the new diet going?
    Take care, love Carol x


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