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July 5, 2010

Mammoth Lakes, CA PARADE....

So here we are on the 4th of July - just not knowing whether or not my darling husband will get a 1/2 day off so that we can watch the parade together. And he does and the sweet bonus of having Kathy my husband's bosses wife come along with us. But dummy me forgot my SD card and so Jorge being the greatest husband in the world trucked off to purchase a new SD card but ended up going home to fetch mine because Rite Aid had a mile long line in the entire store and I think once he'd reach the cash out cashier the parade would of been over - lol....

I am dedicating this blog entry to the couple in the picture because he did a fantastic job harassing me and I just loved it..... UCONN Huskies RULE just remember that and I'll always think of you with such admiration - lol....
There was so much happening in Mammoth Lakes and to sum it up in words is almost impossible. From the craft fair in which the vendors where wonderful EXCEPT for one who made a very rude comment to Kathy in which she picked up a piece of his art work and simply asked "How Much"? his response was overpriced and over worked and then ignored her and moved on to the next person. How flipping rude is that. I think wearing his beanie hat sucked the brains out of his head. But the other vendor where just wonderful and the food was yummy and priced wow not so bad considering what was going on. They had music, face painting (I should of gotten mine done - DANG), fireman and just all kinds of neat things. This is just part of the fun of the 4th. There will be another blog about our being in the June Lake Oh Ridge Campground Parade and that was really a blast. I couldn't put all the pics on here and as you know if you would like for me to mail them to you - I'd be happy too....

Mammoth Lakes, did a wonderful job putting this together which had a little something for everyone ranging from 5 to 95. So thank you for the memories and the entertainment of wanting to come back year after year....


  1. What fun!! And it looks like the weather co-operated with the celebration!

  2. Snowboard JunkieJuly 5, 2010 at 6:13 PM

    I meet you in town. boy girl you sure get around. I think it's cool that you love Mammoth Lakes (my town). And thank you for bragging about us. I can see I'll be hooked on your site blog. Great job by the way and love the pictures. Hope to get to meet your husband soon he sounds just as great as you.

  3. looks like you all had a great time and a high 5 to the couple harassing you!!!!! :)


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