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July 23, 2010

T.G.I.F. we wish for everyone!

Hello it's Friday T.G.I.F. and we're back in our RV. Today was a busy busy day between doing work for my boss (ha ha deary you didn't think I get it done - but next time you'll believe me). And charity work and getting my research done today and getting another hat finished - I should be tired.... Amazingly I'm not! My poor husband is but he's too busy stuffing his face with cake and milk... We hung out with the BIG boss and the Mrs. which we don't get to do very often because everyone is working so hard. So it's nice to take time away and get to know each other all over again.... And it's good for the soul! It occurred to me that the season is half over which is sad but also very exciting. Time sure flies when your having fun (Jorge is shaking his head) - I can't help it I like challenges and my work is full of it.
Bad news for the day is that I popped my ankle and I'm hurting real bad - should of gone to the doctor but it's not swollen (well the toes are) so I'm waiting till tomorrow to see how it feels. Yes Mums of the world - I put ice on it and elevated my leg... Geeze not my first rodeo...
Haven't done a lot around town because of my work - it's kept me on the INET for 8-10 hours a day but it should ease up for me for the next couple of weeks - we'll see...
Oh the couch is in and the table is in but everything still needs to be painted and again we're waiting on the foam and fabric - after Jorge gets it together then I'm taking 3 days off for myself to learn how to really knit - things like sweaters and socks (I can do hats/scarfs/washcloths) - that was my bucket list for this summer and by gone I will learn...
LOL - guess what movie we are watching? The people who really know me will guess a comic book flick - and they would be so right. Spider-man (last night we watched Fantastic Four the 2nd one..... I love comic book movies. Can't wait till the Ironman 2 comes out on DVD. Can't help myself it's from being in male dominate household. And my husband is so great he got part 2 for us to watch.
Ok, Ok, Ok enough of me already.... It's been an overall good day and I hope that everyone else had a great one too!! Jorge and I both are so blessed and we are happy!!


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