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July 11, 2010

Caffeine and change

I am so proud of my husband. He's making a life change on his terms. He's decided to end all consumption of red meat (we'll only eat chicken and fish), caffeine, gluten, citrus and dairy products. His reason why? Most would say it's because of me and I would take credit for that for that's my way of life but it isn't. I didn't put a gun to his head but a flash of life hit him hard. He made this decision for himself for his own medical reasons. And I am all for it. He'll start his new life this Friday (we are already off the caffeine and have noticed the change already). There are so many medical reasons to supports his decision and I'm all for it. However, doing the research on this has lead us into so many avenues that my head is at a complete spin. Like for instance. No more wheat pancakes - it's buckwheat for now on and fruit smoothies but no orange juices. No more bread but only using rice flour and such things of that nature. My friend Gwen who really rallied for us has done half the research for me and I am most grateful. Taking myself off the caffeine was hard and I'm talking I wanted to slam my head through a wall kind of thing. Jorge did better then I thought. Being Cuban and having espressos before bedtime is a way of living for them. I can remember Clara - Jorge's Mum giving me one saying it would help me sleep and OMG I was up all night and I am so not kidding -lol CRAZY WOMEN... But he did well and we are on our 3rd day and I'm up and full of energy instead of brewing and getting the energy from the cup. Although we do still drink coffee it's just in the form of decaf in which I am loving. Depression, obesity, RA, intestinal, sluggish and all sorts of things are caused by eating the way we where. So its not about starving ourselves. But it's choosing foods that will help us live a better life and a life of quality. And we are not pill popping people (Jorge is a recovered pill addiction of 4 years now - and I am so proud of him). Pills don't cure they just hide the pain for a short time. We believe in Meds of course but if we can change from having to use them then by all means God Bless us for it. It also bothered us that in our type of living and the others who do the same are quite lazy. They don't walk or hike unless it's for a paycheck they eat like everyday is a picnic and well that's sad. This is not going to be easy by far but with people like Gwen my friend Carol from the UK (who has been giving me food recipes - I'm a curry freak as some of you know and where she lives they eat better then Americans do), Anna and Terri will help Jorge help Jorge - lol... He's was a bit overwhelmed with all the information because no more cheese, milk and all the other stuff he loves - but when he ordered his last prime rib the other night he only ate 1/2 in which is very rare for him - he stated he felt guilty and that was music to my ears because that's the start of change for him - on his term. The other morning he had a smoothie and someone said uggg healthy - get off of it!! You go Jorge..... We are both prepared that some will try to sabotage like at picnics and what not and that's a decision Jorge will have to live with. I can't be the gun to his head - but if they are his friends they'll accept his ways for he is not pushing it on them - I'd hope they'd respect that. I just wanted to share with the world one of the million of reasons why I love my husband so!! Wish him luck and pray for him!!



  1. Hi Evie and Jorge,
    I want to wish you all the best and good luck to you on your change of life....Im sure Carol has lots of recipes, she has never been a very big meat eater, and is always hiding the fact there is no meat in things.
    Love Jill xxxx

  2. Good luck with all the changes- I have been doing things a bit differently with my diet since Christmas. Its been tought but worth it. If you want some recipe ideas I am happy to help :)


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