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July 10, 2010

Looney Bean Coffee


Yesterday morning I woke up in a bad mood. Not sure why but I did. I just didn't want to deal with anyone at all. So I did my work thing as I do every morning and then I switch to my crafting thing. And placed my two finished pieces on my store
(wishing I could beat my husband who has three sales and while I have just got my first late last night) and started to feel better. I then chatted with my friends from back home and my campground crafters friends (in who I worship and trust with my life) and my Dad (see you very soon) and manage to put a smile back on my face. Then I went for a walk in the campground where we are parked until Nov 15th and well I became sour again.
My husband came home for lunch and right away he knew something was wrong. He said that's it tonight NO INTERPRETIVE PROGRAM for you. It's enough and we are heading to town and have a look around. Are you nuts Jorge? Its what I said to him! And he said you think what you must but tonight we're about us. And so off we went out for dinner to Stove's (I had the seafood pasta and I so love there food but this dish was not good at all and Jorge had the prime rib and he loved it - the clam chowder was VERY VERY good). I'm always giving my blog cards away and gave one to a couple who we meet while eating (Stefanie and Curtis) - and after a while the gentleman came to my table and said I've seen your blog you do great stuff on there. And a huge smile came upon my face. It made my day. A stranger in who I never meet before had heard about me and had been given my link and liked what he saw. But that's not why I'm in a bad mood. As I would normally share I can't on this. I just want to say it's not nice to say bad things behind peoples back because not everyone thinks the way you do and they manage to relay this information to me and it hurts. I've worked my tail bone off to help ANYONE because that's what I'm about. To call me a busy body and a miss know it all - well your wrong. It's my heart that allows me to give and the common sense to care and be helpful. My husband of course has no clue what has been said nor would he tolerate it. And so I will let this one slide AS IF. I just had a bad day and my feeling where hurt. So back to our night. We went on the trolley and the gent who was driving was very cool and very helpful as to what to see and stuff. So we headed to the new village. I was shocked on how the night life there is huge and we are so going back next week. We couldn't stay all that long because neither of us had sweaters and it was getting a bit too chilly for us. But we did get a coffee from the Starbucks (my favorite sinning place - lol) and had a decaf cold coffee - the girls that work there at night rock!
Then we head back to the trolley where it dropped us off near The Bank of America,
and headed for home where we got veered into the Looney Bean Coffee parking lot because we heard some awesome music.
And there was a small band going on with a very huge voice. So we ordered more decaf coffee and took a table near the band and just listened. I was so shocked by the quality of their voices. All I know is that the female singer and the keyboard player are brother and sister. And the drum guy had such a baby face (CUTE) and was like WOW playing (I play too if you didn't know that). They had songs that they wrote - one being about their 3 Dads in which one day will be played on the radio. This little group was great. REALLY - REALLY - REALLY great. The female singing does work at Looney Bean and she deserve a hell of a raise. They played from 7pm till 9pm and take tips (in which we did because they ROCKED) and the great thing is you can check it out for yourselves TONIGHT. They'll play at the same time at the same place and if your lucky the same songs. BUT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO really you should GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they are that good. And dang because I was in a sour mood I didn't take my camera but we'll be there tonight - so I'll add pic to this very blog tomorrow!!

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  1. Hi Evie, Hope you get to feel happier soon.....try to ignore the remarks, we all love you
    love Jill xxxx


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