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July 20, 2010

And what else can I say?

So it's Tuesday and the eve of Jorge's day off - yippee.... Today I had to work over time for my boss and then I finished up my hat and placed it on my etsy store and I'm happy to report Jorge and I are finally tied in sales. Yeppers that's right I sold some items. Then Jorge bought a new jig saw and some black paint for me to paint the wall and benches (well I got one fully painted - Jorge still needs to install the other bench). Now we are watching North to Alaska - and if you ever get the chance to visit the Alabama Hills you should. So far on our RV adventure the Alabama Hills has been my most favorite spot yet. Not much more to report. Oh I did get a visit from the interpretive gal Angie and I have to give a shout out of thanks - what a sweetie she offered us to use her floater. I so wish we could but my husband does not know how to swim and we have no life jackets (it's on our wish list for the RV life).
And our prayers go out to John and Judy - Jorge's host for Coldwater Campground. Judy had taken a pretty bad fall out of the RV and broke her shoulder, leg and wrist. OUCH is right and what a feisty lady - she wants to get back to work asap.... But if you could dear friends and family do add her to your prayers - it's going to take a long time to recover and plenty of rehab.
Tomorrow our friend Marge from Saddlebag Resort is coming down to visit, Jorge and I are thrilled. We miss the entire staff who took the best care of us last year and we would do anything for!! Well, I need to call it a night - I need to get working on my doll hat so everyone have a good night!!


  1. The two of you have taken to this lifestyle like fish to water! I so enjoy reading about your days and newest endeavors.

  2. Sharon I do declare you are our biggest fan! We love you for it amoung other reasons.... Aren't we just crazy? gotta love it - lol


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