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July 14, 2010

Jazz Jubilee?

Today was a fun but a quiet day. We woke-up much to early for a day off - but that's OK. We did the decaf coffee and the breakfast thing. Then we did our scripture readings and then planned our day out. Jorge had to run a employee to his post and was ready by 9:30am. However I took my time getting ready which is not like me at all. Went to get dressed and realized all my pants where in the wash and the ones I had I couldn't get into and I broke down crying. Yep I am fat - that is fat for me..... Jorge was so sweet and offered to go do the laundry but I found a pair of shorts size 6 I could get into and WA-LA life goes on. 139 is just not my thing and so I'm so glad Friday is near because thats when we plan to change our diet anyway.

We planned on visiting Joan & Art today (Joan & Art came to visit me Saturday but I was sick so I couldn't visit). And so we went to them. And I am so glad. Joan is my favorite person who works for Jorge. We visit for 4 hours and I loved every minute. She was emotional that we would visit on our (Jorge's) day off and rode the trolley (which if you ever visit Mammoth Lakes you should do)
to get there. Oh I so can't wait to get the new Rig,,,,, In Time - In Time..... Then we went out to eat at Grumpy's and I had a 1/2 sandwich and so did Jorge in which he just minutes ago ate his 2nd half and is now working on an omelet.
Skipping dinner tonight and I know you know why too - lol. Then walked around the village and found out they are showing Wizard of Oz Friday and so we'll be there to see that..... Oh yeah can't forget Starbucks.
I had to chuckle when the young lady asked how much milk and my response was milky white and we all laughed. They have the best staff here in Mammoth Lakes - they talk to you and ask you where are you from, how long are you staying - really you work for Inyo - they are such an attributive to Mammoth Lakes - and I am a loyal customer!!
We had planned to go to the Jazz Jubilee but when we found out the tickets where $80 a piece - I told Jorge I'll play him the guitar (I can play flute, clarinet and drums - I was a band geek and I did glee club as well - a real geek) when we get home. And so that's what we'll be doing.... Just a fun if not funny at all!!
I do have another blog for all those crafters or RVers.... Just ask!!


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