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July 2, 2010

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra Yard Sale

Second Chance Thrift Store. 126 Old Mammoth Rd Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546;
Pone: (760) 924-2474


OMG what fun I had today. I was so scared because I had no clue what I was getting myself into or who I would meet and so on and so on. But honest be truth it was all good. The first person to meet was Ricky and she so rocks. Ricky gave me the fastest orientation and tour and then off to work I went. I helped lug out tons of donation items outside their front door entrance side walk and attempted to put sports equipment together. My buddy in crime was Grace. I think we laughed more then anything because oh my gosh it was a task that required a book for dummies. LOL and I have to say and I'm sure Grace will agree we where honored when it sold no more then 5 minutes after we put the dang (over an hour) thing together (the lady in pink in the pics)- the lady was eating at a nearby restaurant watching us struggle and came over before finishing her meal to buy the equipment - either there was a lot of pity on her part or we really made an impression on her - lol. Everyone was great and I have to thank Kathy Copeland for taking the time to get to know me and making me feel like one of the gang. I believe in this cause and loved helping and I am happy to report I will be back to help on a more regular basis until Jorge is done with the camping season. I really wished I could remember everyones name but we had the popcorn guy who had a joke for everything and really made things fun and some really super great people who work in the back sorting and folding and fixing and just what ever they can do to make the buyers happy they came. And the young men who broke down boxes where such cuties and well mannered - thank you. The type of items they carry in their store: books (tons), movies (in which I always buy from them - my collection is now 180), kitchen items from pots to pans to coffee machines, bedding items, ski, snowboard, water skis, helmets, bikes, clothing galore, and just so much more. It was 50% off on almost everything...... And what a great cause. They are having another sale tomorrow and you really should stop by and either say hello and donate an item or cash or make a purchase because everything is a mans treasure...... My husband really encouraged me to volunteer this summer and it was a great idea. I'm glad I did and want to thank the entire staff for being so wonderful and getting my name wrong much of the time - lol...... Just in case your reading new family it's Evielynne - lol...... Thank you thank you thank you and I can't wait to put back that apron on!!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you, Evie! You are making a difference for many people...both you and Jorge!!



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