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July 2, 2010

Fiddlin Pete Performance at Shady Rest Amphitheater

July 2, 2010 Mr Fiddlin Pete came to perform at Shady Rest Amphitheater. Now I had the privilege to meet him a couple of weeks back and what a neat guy. He really gets into his performance and gets the crowd going with all their singing, stomping and swaying to the music. I think what hit my heart was the stories he told about July 4th and the history that goes with it. And he is so right on about our needing to respect and thank all of our solders who have and are serving the military - so thank you Daddy and baby brother and my father-in-law for being this country's hero.
Fiddlin Pete not only sand but came through the crowd and to sing to them and made them feel so involved and the teenagers where like wow - that was something to see. This is short blog because he is one artist you just have to see in person to get the whole picture so you can catch his act at:

July 3, 2010
Family Picnic Concert!
The Pokonobe Lodge on Lake Mary
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Noon - 3:00 PM
Enjoy a gourmet picnic buffet lunch out on the deck,
then relax with concert seating inside the lodge.
$20 Adults/$10 Youngun's
Seating on a first come basis.
The Pokonobe Lodge is one great place in fact that's where Inyo Recreation-CLM held it's Grizzly Training Sessions this year - and their food is way so yummy and they have a super great staff members there!!

Not all the picture from that night are on the blog so if you wish to have them sent to your email - just leave me a comment in the comment box of this blog and I will be happy to send them to you. Or you can email me at mr_mrs_crafty_rving@yahoo.com but please leave a comment so that I know who's checking this blog out - we love to hear from people. We even had guest from New Zeland!! Holly WOW....


  1. What fun!! It looks like you are in a beautiful and fun place and it sure looks like evryone enjoyed themselves!


  2. hey it's bryce how are the pine cones coming?

  3. Your blog is great and the pictures really capture the moment.I hope fiddlin' pete sees your blog. We haven't had the chance to talk about your new website because I would love to help you. please call us when you can. thanks


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