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July 19, 2010

July 19th, 2010

Monday noramlly a day to dreed but in the camping world it's slower and quietier. I stayed home and worked on my hats and Jorge worked like he does every day. I got to talk to my family and found out Dad won't be out till Novemeber so we'll get to meet up with him - I just hope I get to see him after the 15th when Jorge is done with the season. There is a lot going on that has stalled his coming out - and I'm pouting. I miss my family so much.
I start working for the Eastern Sierra Disable Sports every Friday and Saturday for the rest of our stay here as a volunteer. Most excited and always glad to be helping.
My fingers are about to fall off - I've worked on my two hats and placed them up for sale and they sold within a 1/2 hour.... I'm half way done with the third hat and hope to put it on-line first thing in the morning!!
The RV is still torn to shreds but tomorrow we have to buy a jig saw and so that may move things a bit faster. My fabric and foam and all my yarn was shipped today and so I'm most excited. Just need to get black paint and more wood and we'll be rocking away!!
Last night we did our laundry and meet up with the coolest people. Marge, Anna & Carmen from Saddlebag Resort also did there laundry and so we hung out. I so miss them.
Not a whole lot to report but I'll post my picture of hat that sold - I think maybe the title had something to do with it - Toupee Girly Hat.... Crazy but it sold and now my husband and I are tied in sales....


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