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July 4, 2010

Inyo Recreation - CLM Mammoth Lakes Company Picnic June 30, 2010

Welcome our newest members of the team!!
Our mini new Operations Manager "The Beautiful Twins"

June 30th Inyo Recreation - CLM had their company picnic at site number 13 in Old Shady in which I got to host. I need to be needed and I need to be able to help. And since I don't work for the company my distance is all about being a fan. And a fan I am and it helps to be married to the site area manager too. It's taking me long to blog about this day because as fun as it was to host it. It was a sad day all around. Two separate couples have moved on and I will miss them both. Some times in this job it sucks to bond with people because RV people can pick up on a drop of a dime and move on with no second guessing. I know that both couples Betty/Weldon and Leila (I'm still crying)and Randy will do well not matter where they are. This was also the day that Janet went to hospital to never return. So you see it was a bad day. BUT life goes on and things are meant to be. I made a lifer of a friend and for that I am happy all around.
The party started at 5pm and the 1st guest was there at 4:55pm and the last guest to leave was at 7ish. We even had a set of beautiful twin girls there and their Mum Lauria who by far is the sweetest enforcement officer I've ever meet and who does not look like she had any baby or babies for that matter. I liked her alot and she was great fun getting to know her - When really I should not like her at all - she wouldn't let me steal both her babies to keep - upmffff. There was a lot of food - this I know because Jorge and I are still eating it, like fruit salad, potato salad, ham/bacon sucide dish (that was my dish), bread rolls, deviled eggs, corn something dish, hotdogs, hamburgers, ramen mix salad and other stuff - lol. My mood was somber so I didn't take a whole lot of pics so enjoy and be sure to check the next blog about July 4th in both Mammoth Lakes and June Lake and I have a lot to say about that.....

The following people attended the party:
Wayne/Kathy - Jorge & Myself (Evielynne) - John/Judy - Mel - Howard/Kathy - Ken/Mrs Artist (a very very very good one) - Karlene - Shirley/Llyod - and there you have it!!

1 comment:

  1. I know the feeling of becoming close to people and then have them move on or the other way around. It is sad but with thechnology of today you can always stay in touch.
    Sounds like your picnic was alot of fun and ohhhh...the food...yummmmm..


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