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July 13, 2010

Is it Only Tuesday.

It's true folks it's only Tuesday. I've been up since 4am and feel great. Even Jorge got up (5am) early. This caffeine trade of for decaf is well worth it. Today is the first day I didn't feel like smashing my head through a wall. Honest to Betsy it was hard, but I think we're through the worse - well that's till Friday when now we have to change our eating habits. But at least we won't get pains in our heads.

Today has been a very quiet day. I had predicted that something bad was going to happen while Jorge's boss was out of town for training meetings (I think - so don't quote me). And sure enough it did yesterday but it was fixed in a jiffy. A lesson was learned - to double check your work - like duh.... But all is good and back to life we go. Although my husband almost had his first heart attack it was a lesson he won't forget.... Maybe one day laugh about - NOT.... Jorge you know I'm your biggest fan and I love you dearly....

The weather is just beautiful so why the hell am I inside the RV. Well, let me get to that.... Geeeze - lol. I had done my snowmen and my infant hat and they are posted for sale in my store and that took some time. And then I had to blog on my other blog and now here I am blogging on this blog - No I didn't dye my hair blond -I'm just in one of the silly moods - I guess... UMPFF

When Jorge gets home for lunch we'll do the meal thing - although my appetite is next to nothing so I have to be careful and force myself to eat. This happens a lot with me and can be bad news with my sugar levels - I HATE BEING A TYPE 1 DIABETIC..... Then after he leaves I'll pull my paints out and paint my clothespins and get them ready for sale. And then maybe start my reindeer ornaments (these ones are so cute)..... Oh and then I have a hat (a customer request) to do also..... So as you can see I have lots to do. And I maintain a working employment as well so there you have it - I'm not that lazy - I still have 2 hours I could be doing something and I wish not so nener nener nener.... Well got to go Jorge just got home either for lunch or DARS Reports..... Can you guess....



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